Damon’s Grill

by Publishing Team on October 29, 2010

Damon’s Grill Job Description

For a chain that was started in 1979, Damon’s Grill has grown and achieved a lot in such a short time. People who come to these spots enjoy some of the finest ribs and a great combination of entertainment and service from the employees. Sports lovers have a place to resign at the end of the day and interact with other sports lovers as they indulge in some of the best in sports. You can play video games while wining and dining in Damon’s Grill. This combination of food and entertainment is rare, and Damon’s Grill ensures you are served well and entertained.

Damon’s Grill Job Positions and Duties

  • Damon’s Grill Cashier Job Description

The cashier takes care of the cash register, making sure that all the cash has been accounted for. He arranges the cash in the cash register computes the change and issues receipts. The cashier needs to develop a lot of speed and accuracy in what he does so that no client is complaining. He has to make sure the cash register is always working and it is his duty to report when repairs need to be done. The cashier is the face of the company so he needs to respond politely to all customers.

Damon’s Grill cashier’s salary: $12 to $13per hour

  • Damon’s Grill Cook Job Description

Any cook working at Damon’s Grill has to know his way around a restaurant kitchen. He needs to know how to grill well and cook the accompanying recipes well. The cook needs to have a résumé that commands attention, with a lot of skill and experience to show. The creative aspect of cooking lies on the cook’s shoulders since they have to garnish food attractively. They also have to come up with some appetizing recipes once in a while to add to the menu.

Damon’s Grill cook’s salary: $14 to $15 per hour

  • Damon’s Grill Shift Manager Job Description

The work of the shift manager is to make sure all his shifts are packed and moving. What this means is that the normal activities of a restaurant need to carry on every time he is on duty. He has to follow up on employees who do not show up on time and make sure they do. In some cases, the shift manager may be forced to make tough decisions and dismiss employees who are not working well. At this point the shift manager will be forced to interview and hire new employees to take over.

Damon’s Grill shift manager’s salary: $14 to 17 per hour

  • Damon’s Grill Store Manager Job Description

A store manager does a lot of work overseeing the activities of the store. He is the one who makes sure the supplies are kept constant and he will have to look for new suppliers every now and then. He has to keep within the allocated budget in all his dealings and this may force him to look for fresh cheaper suppliers. He has to have a business mindset; making sure he has saved money for the establishment in every transaction he makes on behalf of the management. This means he will make use of discounts and buy a lot of things in bulk. This means he will have to buy a lot of things at once, which implies very rarely.

Damon’s Grill store manager’s salary: $12 to 15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Working as part of the management at Damon’s grill is a chance to have the experience of a lifetime. It is a chance for growth, since the management will make sure you have been trained to fit into the culture of this brand. Working as a member of the crew is also as important and here you will be trained on the values of this brand of restaurants. There are more positions aside from the ones mentioned above. Positions in public relations and human resource management are just some of the many on offer.

Damon’s Grill Job Application Form Online

If you are interested in management, send your CV to [email protected].
Download an application at http://www.damons.com/pdf/RestaurantTeamMemberApplication.pdf and fill it if you want to work as a team member.

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