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Denny’s Job Description

Denny’s is a full service coffee shop and family restaurant chain that operates globally with over 1,700 restaurants including branches in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Costa Rica among many others. This restaurant is well known for offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between meals any time of the day.

Denny’s Job Position and Duties

  • Denny’s Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant Managers at Denny’s are responsible for the overall operation of the store as well as in training, coaching, and motivating all employees within his or her supervision. Restaurant Managers are also directed to lead all the employees when it comes to providing quality food and service in a clean and safe environment ensuring that all guests will have a truly enjoyable experience at Denny’s Restaurant. Other essential duties include directing and assigning employees and managing them to perform all delegated duties in every workstation and ensuring that all company’s policies and operating standards are implemented at all times.

Denny’s Restaurant Manager Salary: $44,500

  • Denny’s General Manager Job Description

General Managers at Denny’s provide support and managerial assistance to all aspects of the operation and have the power to assume responsibility in the absence of other managers. General Managers are also responsible in providing comprehensive training and team development in accordance to the company’s operating standards in providing quality food and excellent customer service in a clean and safe working environment. Other specific duties include monitoring crew members, taking the appropriate action to address various employee issues that may arise at the work place, and monitoring inventory levels and cost control during his or her shift among many others.

Denny’s General Manager Hourly Salary: $42,752

  • Denny’s Waitress Job Description

Waitresses at Denny’s have the main responsibility of taking food and beverage orders and must enter all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining the proper sequence. Waitresses must also serve ordered food and beverages in their section and to other sections as well no other waitress is available for the task. Waitresses must also coordinate with the kitchen to make sure that service is on time and the quality of the food is according to the company’s standards. In general, Waitresses at Denny’s must perform all delegated tasks as directed by the management and make sure that all the company’s operational guidelines are upheld.

Denny’s Waitress Hourly Salary: $7.25

  • Denny’s Cook Job Description

The cook at Denny’s is responsible for preparing and cooking all orders as well as organizing and arranging cooked foods. They must also know how to perform all station duties including Fry, Griddle, Pantry, Flat Top, and cooking eggs. A Cook must also communicate with the manager at all times as well as the on – duty servers to make sure that the processing of customer orders are going smoothly. Cooks are expected to perform all the delegated tasks as ordered by the management and must maintain the cleanliness and organization of the work station in accordance with the company’s operational standards.

Denny’s Cook Hourly Salary: $10.20

  • Other Job Positions

Other job positions at Denny’s include line cook, food server, and greeter. Higher job positions are available for Vendor Quality Assurance Managers, Senior Manager of New Product Marketing, and District Managers among others. Denny’s provide hourly, manager, and corporate job opportunities. Depending on your qualification, you can select for a job position that meets your personal job preferences and the capacity to perform the delegated tasks by the management.

Denny’s Job Application Form Online

To find out the current available job positions at Denny’s, visit the company website and go to They provide a whole range of career opportunities as well as comprehensive information with regards to the compensation and benefits they offer to their employees. Other links include:
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You can also search for various career positions at:

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anonymous December 27, 2010 at 12:06 am

The management team in Daleville Indiana need a review on how not to treat their employees that they are in fact beneath them and if you complain on a corporate level that it would be grounds for termination. I have a great respect for Dave Warwick and his vision of team working together .Dave is an example of good management.


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