Dollar General

by Publishing Team on January 31, 2011

Dollar General Job Description

Dollar General is America’s largest small box retailer offering customer’s convenience and lower shopping prices for known brands that the nation produces such as Procter and Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, and the like. With over 9,200 stores across 35 states Dollar general ranks as one of the largest retailer in the country.

Dollar General Job Positions and Duties

  • Dollar General District Manager Job Description

A District Manager supervises 10-20 stores depending on the market type. He/she will demonstrate the values and principles the company believes in as he/she performs his/her duty and be able to set an example and provide motivation for the employees for better performance outcome. He/she also plays a role in the recruitment of competent store managers and develops talent in the store.

Dollar General District Manager Salary: $64, 500

  • Dollar General Store Manager Job Description

The Store Manager supervises the daily store operations and ensures the achievement of store sales goals. He/she recruits store sales team and trains and develops their skills. He/she also takes responsibility in controlling shrinkage, expenses, and inventory levels of the store. He/she purchases stocks and develop promotional strategies for the store.

Dollar General Store Manager Salary: $34,588

  • Dollar General Assistant store Manager Job Description

The Assistant Store Manager assists and supports the Store Manager for the daily operations of the store. He/she also makes sure that standards and goals are being followed and achieved. He/she also takes part in helping the employees achieve growth both personally and career wise. He/she will assist with store inventory and merchandise movement.

Dollar General Assistant Manager Salary: $2,578

  • Dollar General Sales Associate Job Description

The Sales Associate takes care of selling the products to the customers, providing them with information that would help them make their purchase decision. He/she must be able to communicate effectively with the customers to understand their needs and provide them with what they are looking for. The Sales Associate must ensure at all times that customers will have a pleasant experience in the store to guarantee their return.

Dollar General Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $7.54

  • Dollar General Cashier Job Description

The Cashier will finalize the process of merchandise purchase of the customer. She receives the payment that the customer is due and in turn she should give the change that is due to the customer. The cashier must at all times show courtesy while doing the customers transaction with the store no matter how crowded the store could get. She must also account for the money in the register making sure of its accuracy.

Dollar General Cashier Hour Salary: $7.63

Dollar General Career Opportunities Online

Dollar General is inviting interested applicants in their mission to serve others. The company believes that there venues can be an avenue for employees to make a difference and excel in their careers. With Dollar General you may able to realize your passion in serving other people also. Visit their career center online and explore for career opportunities that will suit your abilities and capabilities. Just follow this link,

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anonymous June 18, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Assistant managers get paid hourly. Sales and cashiering are not separate positions. Cashiers have to perform several roles.


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