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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Don Pablo’s Job Description

For the last 20 years this brand of restaurants has been serving up Texans with some of the best of fast foods. With high quality delivery being the only thing that Don Pablo lives for, you can bet that this is one of the many reasons it has made it to become one of the best of its kind. With high nutritional content there is nothing to fear if you are watching your diet. There is everything for everyone, with a lot of desserts, appetizers and main meals on offer. Those interested in business can use this brand name to start a franchise of their own. Some of the hundreds of job opportunities are listed below

Don Pablo’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Don Pablo’s Cashier Job Description

From the culture of Don Pablo’s, there is a lot of friendliness among the people who work in any of the chain of restaurants. Anybody planning to work as a cashier here will be well received but she will has to prove professional performance first. The professional cashier has to process all the payment and make sure all have the right change. The cashier is in charge of manning the cash register machine and has to balance the account books at the end of each working day.

Don Pablo’s cashier’s salary: $12. 5 per hour

  • Don Pablo’s Cook Job Description

All cooks will have to adhere to Don Pablo’s cooking standards. Aside from having the skills of making Don Pablo’s specialties, the cook has to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Cooks have to carry their creativity wherever they work. This means that they have to come up with interesting ideas of what items need to be added to the menus. The cooks will plan menus, adding and removing items when the need arises as well as pricing them.

Don Pablo’s cook’s salary: $13 per hour

  • Don Pablo’s Shift Manager Job Description

Now, every establishment that works in shifts has to have several shift managers, who will increase the productivity of each shift. The manager is there to make sure all sections of the restaurant are well staffed and all staff members are in their work stations. The manager will train the staff members or outsource the training services if he does not have the skills to do so. One has to make sure all the workers are in high spirits so encouragement and motivation is part of his responsibilities.

Don Pablo’s shift manager’s salary: $20per hour

  • Don Pablo’s Store Manager Job Description

When items fall to a certain level, the store manager will contact the suppliers and make an order. One has to use all his skills and experience to make sure that Don Pablo’s is as productive as possible so if he has to buy items in bulk to do so, then the manager ensures this is done. The store manager has all the contact details of suppliers and has the responsibility of making sure he gains maximum benefit from each supplier.

Don Pablo’s store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

There are some other positions in both management and service sections of the Don Pablo’s chain of restaurants. The availability of a certain kind of job position depends on which part of the country you want to work in and the number of positions available there. The assistant manager and manager positions are available in Colorado. All these require experience and good employment records. People who have past records of felony and crime have a lot to prove but all applications are equally considered for a job position at any of the Don Pablo’s restaurants.

Don Pablo’s Job Application Form Online

There are two kinds of online applications, one for the managerial position and one for service provision. if you want to look at what you need to have before making an application, these two links will be very helpful:

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