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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

E-Trade Bank Job Descriptions

E-Trade Bank is always on the search for dynamic, highly energized risk-takers who are ready to join a fast-paced, world leader in the financial services industry. E-Trade Bank has hundreds of open positions throughout its domestic and global locations in Customer Service, Information Technology, Network Engineering, Web Development, Internet Technology, Web Production, Multimedia, Software Development, Marketing, Product Development, Business Development, Finance, Human Resources, etc. Prospective candidates are expected to value hard work and be dedicated to the success of the establishment.

E-Trade Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • E-Trade Bank Data Processing Manager Job Description

The Data Processing Manager is responsible for overseeing routine system operation functions of core and host processing systems, including day, night, and month end processing, in addition to database administration; ensures quality, accuracy, and integrity of the systems and data are maintained. He/she works closely with vendors, information technology personnel, Bank management, and regulatory authorities on a variety of issues and projects. Performs direct supervisory duties of department staff, and coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas. The Manager also schedules and directs operation of mainframe, host, and core processing systems and the data processing production environment to ensure efficient, effective, and timely service is provided to the Bank. The position of Data Processing Manager

E-Trade Bank Data Processing Manager Salary: $75,000

  • E-Trade Bank Chief Credit Officer Job Description

The Chief Credit Officer is responsible for participating in several committees involved in the management of the Bank. Performs direct supervisory duties of department staff, and coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas of the department. Assumes responsibility and is accountable for adherence to bank policies and procedures. He/she is also charged with providing support, direction, credit information, and loan policies and procedures to ensure the overall quality of the Bank’s lending portfolio. The Officer also reviews and approves/declines large and complex loans prior to submission to Loan Committee. The position of Chief Credit Officer is also responsible.

E-Trade Bank Chief Credit Officer Salary: $59,000

  • E-Trade Bank Accounting Specialist Job Description

The Accounting Specialist is responsible for supporting the Controller/Head Cashier in ensuring the smooth operation of the department by performing a variety of accounting duties; conducts Fedline terminal operations; prepares and issues wires; originates the daily position report; processes accounts payable and receivable transactions; balances the Federal Reserve account; performs correspondent account reconciliation; determines loan costs and amortization; conducts branch cash counts and certifications; receives and distributes mail and correspondence; maintains files; and performs other duties associated with the Bank’s general ledger accounts.

E-Trade Bank Accounting Specialist Salary: $55,000

  • E-Trade Bank Project Manager Job Description

The Project Manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the Bank’s special projects and tasks under the direction of Senior Management; assists in performing various activities related to administrative, compliance, and internal affairs; ensures compliance with state and federal laws and regulations; analyzes verbal or statistical data for report preparation for use by Bank management; and aids executive officers and other members of Bank management by analyzing and coordinating office services such as personnel, budget preparation and control, records control, and special management studies.

E-Trade Bank Project Manager Salary: $55,000

  • E-Trade Bank Courier Officer Job Description

The Courier Officer at E-Trade Bank is responsible for performing scheduled courier services for the Bank, including, but not limited to, carrying articles, documents and deposits between branches, customers and other locations; sorting, delivering and picking up mail from the post office; and other duties as directed.

E-Trade Bank Courier Officer Salary: $35,000

E-Trade Bank Job Application Form Online

Follow this link to view listings of available jobs: https://us.etrade.com/e/t/career/jobsearchpage. You can also see the benefits set aside for employees here: https://us.etrade.com/e/t/career/benefits

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