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by Publishing Team on October 29, 2010

Eat’n Park Job Description

It has been more than 50 years since the first restaurant was started. The first one was a small restaurant with several carhops. a lot has changed since then since the carhops are no longer there. What has remained since that time is the service and the interesting recipe offered by the friendly staff. Eat’n Park was considered an escape from a busy life, and is still considered the same. It keeps its customers in mind when providing some of the best menus. Because of the large following, this chain of restaurants has grown to more than 75 and offers jobs to more than 8000 employees

Eat’n Park Job Positions and Duties

  • Eat’n Park Cashier Job Description

The cashier is as much a part of the restaurant as the manager is since the function of such an employee is central to the restaurant. The work of the cashier is to make sure the cash register is manned properly. He has to make sure all receipts are issued to the right customers. The receipts have to be accurate, and so is the change. In the event of a mistake, the cashier has to practice some PR skills in making sure the customer is well taken care of.

Eat’n Park cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Eat’n Park Cook Job Description

The cook has to be an expert in preparing food for the customers and maintain the class that this restaurant has been known for. The cook is supposed to serve food and present them on the counter tops for the waiters and waitresses to serve. Sometimes, the cook will serve customers. They may have to answer to some questions concerning the food and this call for them to know all the answers. Cooks have to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

Eat’n Park cook’s salary: $12.5 to 14 per hour

  • Eat’n Park Shift Manager Job Description

Shift management is a task that requires a lot of patience and skill. This is one of the most in-demand professionals and one of the most highly paid in management. The work of this manager is to make sure the restaurant is profitable. The restaurant shift manager has to ensure service is prompt and the employees look the part. The employees have to be neat and clean and working according to the laid down schedule. He listens to customer complaints and solves them as best as he can.

Eat’n Park shift manager’s salary: $9 to 13 per hour

  • Eat’n Park Store Manager Job Description

He ensures that all the sections of the restaurant have been well supplied. He mans the store, and ensures that everything is recorded. He assigns duties to all the people who work in the stores and draws up a working schedule for all the employees of the stores. He makes sure the suppliers are there on specific dates; when there store supplies will have been depleted. He makes sure the store items are well arranged and easy to reach.

Eat’n Park store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

All the employees of eat’n Park are considered part of a big family. There are four types of employment in this restaurant chain. There is hourly, management, corporate and internship employment. High School and college kids with inkling for the hospitality industry can work in the hourly employment. One has to be presentable and be available regularly. Most of these employments are temporary. Some of these employees can be awarded scholarships for their service. Internships provide a person with the experience in management and an opportunity to be employed at the completion of a degree course.

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