Eileen Fisher Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 13, 2011

Eileen Fisher Inc. Job Description

Eileen Fisher Inc. generates women’s advertising for casual clothing, focusing in loose-fitting garments that change a little from year to year. Decent for most body shapes, the company’s easy-to-wear, easy-to-wash fashions have been described as “classy suburban.” Our objective is to encourage women to celebrate who they are. And in keeping with our company objective, we endeavor to produce a blissful environment that promotes character growth, community awareness and relationship and teamwork.

Eileen Fisher Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Account Executive

The Account Executive will work with the overall Team in the creation and maintenance of partnerships with international distributors, and work with buyers’ most powerful brand and purchase every season; participate in the retail financial analysis and projections for each account, including 6 months of sales, integration plans, gross margins, reductions in price and profitability; work to achieve sales targets and better understand the needs of our customers in different countries and cultures; expertly purchase this brand in a more culturally acceptable, but ahead of each international account; partner with the overall Team prospecting for new accounts on the basis of the current global strategy; generate International Market Research and the changes in our current markets; prepare and conduct regular meetings to discuss management challenges and opportunities in each respective account; monitor groups that are sold through high-level analysis and style; receive, review, process orders in a timely manner to ensure the quality and maintenance of a correlation with sales forecasts and dates for good reason; update all financial spreadsheets and planning on a regular basis to ensure accuracy; and keep the information and financial reserves of the cooperative on all accounts.

Account Executive Salary: $60,000.00

  • Sales Associate

The Sales Associate will provide a good customer service; should be familiar with the entire Eileen Fisher clothing and fabrics; preserve and develop personal customer book; keep high degree of initiative, motivation and self-direction; perform the procedures for opening and closing a deal; maintain high standards of sales floor and products; smooth the progress of the work stock; and contribute to other tasks and projects to keep smooth operation of the shop.

Sales associate Salary: $30,000.00

  • Assistant Technical Designer

The task is to assist in all technical design and modeling responsibilities; receiving sheets for planning, organization and send the sample information to the sellers; provide daily contacts with the suppliers for possible follow-up; scanning, planning boards, creating the PDM folders and some sketching; track and obtain samples, preparation for fittings including quantifying samples; participate in measurements, acquire notes, modifications to design and do follow-ups; cut, install and repair sketches; update the PDM folders, measurements, and construction; create folders in PDM for women with petite figure; daily monitoring of contacts with suppliers; send PDM folders for journalists; send PDM folders and data providers; and performs other related duties and assignments as required.

Assistant Technical Designer Salary: $55,000.00

Eileen Fisher Inc. Job Application Form Online

Explore eileenfisher.com and apply electronically at their career page.

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