El Chico Cafe Job Description

El Chico Cafe is a Mexican owned restaurant in business for 6 decades, thanks to the hard work and dedication of its staff. El Chico Café rewards its loyal staff with mouthwatering bonuses and benefits, not leaving out a good conducive atmosphere to work. Be that as it may, El Chico Café also expects every prospective candidate to be a team player, skilled, and devoted to the job. So if you think you possess these qualities, apply for a job at entry level positions or managerial career positions.

El Chico Cafe Job Positions and Duties

El Chico Cafe Manager is generally responsible for supervising, directing, and training full time, temporary, and hourly employees; preserving food quality and food production; maintaining inventory; distributing cash drawers; opening and locking safe and verifying cash in drawers. He/she is also charged with opening and closing the restaurant, and administering and verifying financial reports for senior officials. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret information is very important for the Manager Job. Ability to effectively present information, respond to questions, and develop ideas that will result in improvements in existing methods, services, programs is crucial too.

El Chico Cafe Manager Salary: $48,100

The requirements for the position of Cook at El Chico Cafe Manager involves: Ability to work from written menus and standard recipes; plan, lay out, and assign work to a staff of skilled and unskilled kitchen workers in a manner conductive to full performance and high morale; ability to take inventory and keep records of foodstuffs used; ability to give significant assistance in planning menus, devising ways of using left-over foods, and determining quantities of foodstuffs required in preparing regular meals for the day. A very essential ability is to be able to work long hours while standing and in a hot environment.

El Chico Cafe Cook Salary: $32,000

The Cashier deals mainly with money, receipts, change, etc. he/she records purchases into cash register to calculate total purchase price. He/she also counts money, gives change and issues receipt for funds received. Other duties of the Cashier include, but not limited to: receiving cash, checks, credit cards or bankcards for payment; completes check and bankcard transactions according to established procedure; maintains sufficient amounts of change in cash drawer; balances cash drawer and receipts and documents discrepancies. Knowledge of basic arithmetic is significant while skills in handling and counting cash are non-negotiable.

El Chico Cafe Cashier Hourly Salary: $10

El Chico Cafe Server can sometimes have his/her hand full as the job is a little bit demanding, however, it’s rewarding at the end. The server is meant to deliver food and beverages to customers at the dining area and waits on tables to confirm that customers are provided with everything necessary. On a typical day, the Server removes dishes and utensils; cleans and dusts tables and chairs; refills condiment containers, etc. the Server also assists in setting up and taking down tables and chairs in the mornings and closing hours; places clean utensils and cloth on tables. Other demands the Server may be required to fulfill include:
some knowledge of the methods and practices of food service; some knowledge of health hazards in food service and precautionary measures; and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and guests of the store.

El Chico Cafe Cashier Hourly Salary: $8

El Chico Job Application Form Online

To work at El Chico Café, applying may not be as difficult as it seems, just start your search for available employment here: http://www.elchico.com/employment.php. You can also find more El Chico Cafe jobs at: http://friendseat.com/restaurants/Texarkana/El-Chico-Cafe_12

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