El Torito

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

El Torito Job Description

El Torito’s chain of restaurants is known for their handmade tamales, salsa, margaritas, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. The employees are guided and encouraged to succeed in this industry so they can become prime candidates for promotions as determined by the corporation. The company is known for their huge number of independent workers and a good percent of the employees started their careers serving the handmade tamales. Most of the skills their employees acquired were from El Torito’s training program where they learned R.E.A.L. and how to use it with their job. The program teaches the employees about respect, exceeding all expectations, their accountability, and leadership.

El Torito Job Positions and Duties

  • El Torito Server Job Description

The main job description of a server at El Torito is to take orders and deliver the food to the customers. Servers will make sure the customers are satisfied, will refill beverages as needed, count change back to the customer, balance their cash drawers, deal with all customer service issues, know everything on the menu so the customer will be better educated when they ask a question, replace food, clean tables, and keep everything clean. The working condition is fast paced so servers will need to be quick and alert so no accidents happen. They will be required to be a team player and to treat everyone with the same respect.

El Torito Server Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Assistant Manager Job Description

An assistant manager is responsible for the team that they are over. They will make sure all stations are functioning properly and the customers are being waded on in a timely manner. The assistant manager will run the restaurant when the manager is away. They will need to know everything about the restaurant so they can handle any situations that might arise. They will handle all customer complaints, help keep the stations stocked, count inventory, order supplies, make employee schedules, hire new staff and train them, balance the cash drawers and make occasional bank deposits. The assistant manager will also make sure all regulations are being followed at all times.

El Torito Assistant Manager Salary: $41,852

  • Restaurant Manager Job Description

A restaurant manager has the responsibility of making sure the restaurant is properly staffed and things are running smoothly. They will do inventory control, ordering of supplies, meeting with vendors, paying the vendors, employee hiring, training, and making employee schedules. The manager will need to know the health codes and make sure they are not being broken at any given time. They will make sure that everyone is following the sanitation, food handling, safety regulations, and security procedures when the restaurant is conducting business. They will be responsible for increasing the sales and balancing the books each day. The manager will also make deposits at the bank and get change so the restaurant can operate.

El Torito Restaurant Manager Salary: $43,846

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at El Torito include being a chef whose main job responsibility is cooking all the dishes. They will follow all safety and food regulations while making sure the food is properly cooked. A chef is required to know the menu and everything that is used to make each item. When the dishes are ready to be served they will sit the dishes in the window with the tickets so the servers can deliver the food to the customers.

El Torito Job Application Form Online

El Torito’s official website allows users to browse available career opportunities and job positions at their different locations. The website link http://www.realmexrestaurants.com/employment.asp provides a comprehensive database for their available jobs.

At https://www.cytiva.com/rmr/tpl.asp?mode=1 applicants can easily look for any available jobs and apply for them if they meet the required qualifications.

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