Elephant Bar Restaurant

Elephant Bar Restaurant
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Established: 1980
Employees: 5,000
HQ: La Mirada, California
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Elephant Bar Job Description

This joint was started in 1980 to bring a casual dining experience to all people who wanted a relief from the tiredness of day to day life. With the combination of recipes from all over the world, the idea has matured and become one of the finest restaurants in the US. Everything has been brought together for the customer. It is the philosophy of this restaurant to live for the customer. All the services being offered are done for the customer. The same is the case for the employees being hired by the establishment.

Elephant Bar Job Positions and Duties

  • Elephant Bar Cashier Job Description

The main work of a cashier; any cashier is to process the payments made to the store. He has to make sure the right change has been issued and check the authenticity of the bank notes issued to him. The cashier processes payments made through cards as well and checks their authenticity too. In the event of an irregularity, the cashier has to inform the owner as professionally as possible and refer the case to the management. Other duties depend on the establishment, but it is generally expected that the cashier has to answer the questions asked by the customers.

Elephant Bar cashier’s salary: $11 to 13 per hour

  • Elephant Bar Cook Job Description

The cook designs the menus and prices the items on the menu. This means that he has to be business minded and know which items in the menu will be loved by customers. Cooks make sure that they are profitable by pricing them reasonably, keeping in mind the place of competition in the market. The cook has to be personally healthy and clean and have the skills and experience in working in a busy restaurant.

Elephant Bar cook’s salary: $12.4 per hour

  • Elephant Bar Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager overlooks the working of a shift and will be held personally responsible for the working of a shift. It is his work to make sure his shift is profitable. He makes sure this happens by staffing all the shifts; especially his shift. He has to take all necessary steps to see to it that all shifts have workers. He will advertise and go through applications to choose people who can work in a particular shift. He has to make sure all employees are qualified and trained.

Elephant Bar shift manager’s salary: $16 to 18 per hour

  • Elephant Bar Store Manager Job Description

The store manager has to make sure the store is profitable and keep to the allocated budget. He is tasked with the responsibility of saving money for the restaurant by buying items in bulk and making sure that they are used as economically as possible. The store manager will hire subordinates to work for him. They will maintain the records in the store and will be personally responsible for any miscalculation or missing items.

Elephant Bar store manager’s salary: $13 to $15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Anyone who wants to work for this chain of restaurants will be glad to have a lot to choose from. Management positions are many and for those who are looking to start a career in management and hospitality, this is the best place to start. You can get a job in human resource management or even restaurant management. All people who want to work for any of these restaurants have to have a lot of pride in them.

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