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Evo Job Description

Evo is a fresh and on the increase multi-channel dealer of trend clothes, ski, snowboard, wake and skateboard stuff. We hire imaginative, motivated and well thought individuals at our home offices in Fremont. You will utilize your originality, care for the action sports business, inscriptions and picture editing talents to provide Evo customers with the information they look for with Evo fashion.

Evo Duties and Responsibilities

  • Copy and Photo internship

A combination of technical and convincing copy writing, editing and merchandising study work; writing descriptions for lifestyle clothes, ski and outerwear and snowboard gear, wake and skateboard gear; contributing to the Evo data base; writing Evo blog posts; supporting with Evo photo shoots and editing photos with Adobe Photoshop; quality control, web maintenance and input of product information; having sense of wit on a day by day basis; more than 500 hours of direct practice to expand your writing, editing and product familiarity skills; up to 500 hours can be achieved through 20 to 40 hours for each week; weekly assemblies with your overseer to track development, respond to questions, propose suggestions, etc; a note of endorsement at the last part of the internship summing up your achievements that can be utilized for class credit or profession prospect; you may opt to program a casual meeting with other managers and or employees at Evo who are in charge for other sections; and you will acquire with you the experience of having built a portfolio of in print work and a variety of universal business, product and industry, and eCommerce experience.

Upon acceptable end, you will receive a salary of $500 for Evo product and $500 in the form of a check

  • Regional Sales Manager

Main tasks include but are not limited to setting up a company’s sales campaigns, developing the abilities of the sales team, efficiently executing technological alterations; discussing and working together with company executives, and proactively reviewing the results of the company’s sales efforts; in charge for the development of an in service plan for starting sales traction in a region appropriate for the company’s product; generating market breakdown on the region, coordinating with marketing efforts in the area, and receiving access to assets in the process; produces plans to take full advantage of the effectiveness of their sales force; build up and apply the training programs and incentives that will motivate their sales force to do well; summarizes the division goals and meet forecasted goals for all of the salespeople in the region; hold their salespeople liable for their expected sales forecasts; should guide new salespeople and propose advice and or resources to higher salespeople; should help in the “closing” of a sales contract; and may be the direct-point-of-contact with sellers and distributors, keeping an eye on account requirements.

Upon acceptable end, you will receive a salary of $35,000.00

How to Apply

Email resumes to [email protected]

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