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by Publishing Team on February 14, 2011

Eye Care Centers of America Job Description

Eye Care Centers of America directly aims to be centered at becoming the topmost eyewear sales outlet in the world. The company was founded in the year 1984. This company is a supplemental constitution of HVHC. The establishment owns and manages about 430 optical stores in approximately 35 states. The company primarily offers to sell good quality products like contact lenses, prescription eyewear, and sunglasses which are really fashionable. These contacts and eyeglass frames are made under its personal and designer brands, together with the company’s on-site processing labs, and self-directed optometrists.

Eye Care Centers of America Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Eye Care Centers Of America Optician Job Description

An Optician mainly functions by guiding the clients to select proper eye wear according their prescription as well as choosing the right designs,color, shape, coating and fitting of the glasses. In the absence of the ophthalmic technician, the Optician do the grinding of the lenses. The Optician maintains the communication, information, follow ups and does the verification of orders according to the specifications of the client. Although high school level is sometimes accepted, the company still prefers their staff and personnel to be college graduates. With good communication skills, good manual dexterity,patience, good customer relations ability and professionalism.

Eye Care Centers of America Optician Job Hourly Salary: $8.42/hr

  • Eye Care Centers Of America General Manager Job Description

Eye Care Centers of America’s General Manager hold a key position in the company. The General Manager is basically expected to look into the human resource unit of the company. All organizational trainings, screening and recruitment must be referenced with the human resource manager. The General Manager continuously observes and conducts evaluation and assessment on the performance of the employees.

The General Manager also handles the funds and expenditures of the company following the correct methods and techniques. He or she also continually acts as the link between the management and the employees. As the business grows, the more challenging his or her job description becomes and this is why the company prefers to hire someone with Masters in Business Administration for this position.

Eye Care Centers of America General Manager Job Salary: $42,333

  • Eye Care Centers Of America Eye Wear Specialist Job Description

Being able to see is very important, that is why an Eye Care Specialist should be proactive when it comes taking care of the eyes. Taking a role in the company which maintains vision care and eye health includes choosing a qualified eye health care provider – one who has the precise training and experience, can give correct diagnosis and treatment, is actively informative, promotes the best possible positive results, and shows genuine care for the health of his or her patients. The aspirant must have the proper set of credentials from trainings, degree’s attained and possess good training background.

Eye Care Centers of America Eye Wear Specialist Job Salary: $21,594

Eye Care Centers of America Career Opportunities Online

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