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FAA Job Description

The FAA or Federal Aviation Administration is an authorized agency in the United States to regulate civil aviation. After the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 the agency was created under the name “Federal Aviation Agency”, it was in 1967 when it became part of the US Department of Transportation that the agency adapted its current name.

FAA Job Positions and Duties

  • FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Job Description

Aviation Safety Inspectors utilize the knowledge they have about Aviation safety and security, rules and regulations, and the federal laws which affect the aviation industry to ensure the safety of aviation operations. He/she uses technical skills and intensively applies it in aircraft operations and maintenance. He/she inspects airmen certification as well as air carriers programs and adequacy of facilities.

FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Salary: $111,293

  • FAA Program Analyst Job Description

The Program Analyst conducts surveys and researches about the current operation programs of an agency. He/she conducts analysis of evaluations and gives advices and recommendations regarding short term and long term program planning and planning problems. He/she monitors program progress and need for improvement.

FAA Program Analyst Salary Range: $47,632

  • FAA Electronics Engineer Job Description

The Electronics Engineer will serve as FAA’s Technology Transfer Program Manager in which you will be planning, directing and implement multiple technical projects that build up and strengthen technology transfer programs all over FAA. You will utilize engineering principles in making an effective Technology Transfer Program and be able to make advancements in FAA’s technical programs.

FAA Electronics Engineer Salary: $81,852

  • FAA Civil Engineer Job Description

The Civil Engineer is responsible for planning designs and conducts assessments such as Management engineering plans. He/she will provide project estimates and apply his/her expertise to meet FAA standards. He/she will also conduct research and analyze technical issues and make presentations regarding his/her assessment findings.

FAA Civil Engineer Salary Range: $63k- $68k

  • FAA Production Operator Job Description

The Production Operator position performs a various complex technical tasks, assembly, and audits. As a production operator your work will consider engineering drawing specifications, quality assurance standards, tests procedures in making systems and assemblies with complexity. You are also update or maintain existing engineering documents man ensure its adherence to the quality standards.

FAA Production Operator Salary: $45,000

FAA Career Opportunities Online

FAA holds a lot of promise for those who are fond of aviation. Check FAA out and gain more information about the agency by following this link, www.faa.gov. If you are already familiar with FAA’s functions and duties find a job that suits you. FAA might just be the agency you are looking for. Follow this link, http://www.faa.gov/jobs.

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