Fannie Mae

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Fannie Mae Job Description

Founded in 1938 headquartered in Washington D.C.,Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) or more commonly known as Fannie Mae is a publicly traded government-sponsored company under mortgage loan industry.

Fannie Mae Job Positions and Duties

  • Fannie Mae Financial Analyst Job Description

As a Financial Analyst, he or she is responsible in interpreting and analyzing detailed accounting information and makes recommendations for efficient utilization of resources. He or she performs detailed financial and cost analyses. He or she provides assistance in cost accounting design, reporting systems, and related documents and forms.

Fannie Mae Financial Analyst Job Salary: $73,246

  • Fannie Mae Business Analyst Job Description

A Business Analyst is a company professional who ensures recommended solutions for company-related issues are commercial yet competitive. He or she analyzes and documents required information and data, as well as understanding technical designs and specifications of business transactions. He or she also serves as a link between business units, support teams and technology department.

Fannie Mae Business Analyst Job Salary: $68,886

  • Fannie Mae Risk Analyst Job Description

Risk Analyst is a company professionals specialized in studying risk, profit and loss the company may be facing. He or she constantly talks with the company’s clients and borrowers, and works closely with client teams to analyzes client financial statements, company budget and employee headcount reports. He or she interprets data comes up innovative and creative programs to create capital while reducing risks.

Fannie Mae Risk Analyst Job Salary: $77,744

  • Fannie Mae Auditor Job Description

An Auditor is a company professional that examines and analyzes accounting records in determining financial status of the company. He or she prepares detailed financial reports that cover material assets, liabilities, surplus, expenditures, net worth, capital stock and income. He or she also counts cash on hand and checks notes payable and receivable, and negotiable securities. He or she checks the veracity of journal and ledger asset or cash entries, purchases and expenses. He or she also prepares reports for management that concerns areas of audit.

Fannie Mae Auditor Job Salary: $75,864

  • Fannie Mae Financial Economist Job Description

Financial Economist may play various important roles in the company. He or she may serve as a research personnel who conducts surveys and research regarding current business trends and industry developments. He or she evaluates investment opportunities and selects terms for operating strategies. He or she also utilizes financial data and assess business performance. He or she may serve also as corporate finance expert who evaluates the company’s financial statements, major business trends and financing needs. He or she utilizes information and historical data in comparing current-year ratios and predict future profit levels.

Fannie Mae Financial Economist Job Salary: $75,044

  • Fannie Mae Administrative Assistant Job Description

An Administrative Assistant is responsible in various administrative tasked to be performed in an office. He or she receives incoming letters and documents, and files them after review. He or she schedules meetings for the executive officer. He or she manages administrative departments and maintains safety and security of the working environment. He or she also maintains office efficiency, implement office systems, and equipment procurements. He or she makes sure rules and procedures regarding lunch, working hours, office closure and security communications are well implemented. He or she also prepares financial plans and budgets, and monitors expenses and raises monthly invoices.

Fannie Mae Administrative Assistant Job Salary: $55,000

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