Farmer Boys

by Publishing Team on October 19, 2010

Farmer Boys Job Description

Home meals served up attractively have been a signature of Farmer Boys and this is what has marketed Farmer Boys. South California was the home of the first Farmer Boys, which have grown to more than 65 stores in the USA. The first one was started in 1981 and there has been no stopping since then. Franchising brought a lot of fortunes to this brand of restaurants, not forgetting the varied recipes which always change to accommodate the rising population. The recipes include omelet and pancakes, salads and macaroni and cheese, onion rings, fries some of the biggest burgers you have ever seen.

Farmer Boys Job Positions and Duties

  • Farmer Boys Cashier Job Description

If you are good at computing and have an enormous serving of patience, Farmer Boys wants you. PR skills are needed to deal with customer’s questions, some which may not be in your area of expertise. It is the work of the cashier to maintain decorum as much as possible even with the most difficult of situations. The cashier makes sure all customers leave with the right change. He has to learn to multi task since he may be called to serve clients every once in a while.

Farmer Boys cashier’s salary: $7.5 per hour

  • Farmer Boys Cook Job Description

This is a fast food setting with one of the most varied of menus and any cook has to be an expert. Working as a team means being able to fit into any of the roles assigned to you in any shift. A cook has to know how to operate the dishwashers, the cookers, the microwaves etc. all cooks have to be presentable and serve the food attractively for the customers. Cooks need to be clean and healthy. Maintenance of kitchen cleanliness falls on the cook.

Farmer Boys cook’s salary $7 to 9 per hour

  • Farmer Boys Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager or the shift leader has to welcome the coming customers with a smile and assist in settling them down. The shift manager solves any problems regarding orders and change. He has to ensure the service is done fast, and in some cases he may have to chip in to make sure this is done well. The shift manager is the one who will look around for any inconsistencies in cleanliness and shift staffing. If one person is not in, the shift manager will arrange for how to cover-up the absence of the missing person. Everything has to be in order, and this is the work of the shift manager.

Farmer Boys shift manager’s salary: $ 19 to 20 per hour

  • Farmer Boys Store Manager Job Description

The store manager maintains the store records and makes sure it is well stocked. He will dismiss and hire store staff when the situation calls for it. Store managers will make sure the store staff members are clean neat and presentable. He locks the stores and makes sure the repairs that need to be done have been done. The store manager makes sure all stock items have been bought according to the budget. He will look for new suppliers if the old ones are becoming too expensive. He has to make sure suppliers make deliveries in time and inspects the quality the delivered goods.

Farmer Boys store manager’s salary: $13 to15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

This chain of restaurants has seen immense growth, which is continuing. This means a lot of jobs for those who want to work as crew members or as part of management. All have to have the skills for the job. All members need the experience too, which will be double checked by the company before hiring. If you want to work in Farmer Boys restaurant, you need to liaise with the one that has the particular opening you want.

Farmer Boys Job Application Form Online

There are available jobs in Farmer Boys listed in the website and here is the link as for those who want franchising tips in the Farmer Boys franchise, the link to follow is this

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