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by Publishing Team on December 23, 2010

Fathead LLC Job Description

Fathead LLC is the principal retailer when it comes to games and amusement wall graphics with thousands of convincingly certified and licensed products. Such examples are the actual size, hi-def wall graphics of famous and professional athletes, animated super heroes, showbiz and entertainment figures and team helmets and logos. Fathead is not just a website; in fact, they have been featured on live television shows like ESPN, The Big Bang Theory, and The Today Show because of their competitiveness in the industry of sports retail.

Fathead LLC Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Marketing Intern

The Marketing Intern assists in arranging the reseller program including assisting with viable matrix, cost list, security and other resources looked-for; be of assistance in building database, sending and replying to e-mails, handling direct answer, phone follow-ups; do follow ups with existing retailer with agreements, program partner training and question follow-up, facilitate prepare needed materials; setups district advertisements and helps achieve success of the company; carries out associate program comprehensive plan of accomplishment; helps identify affiliate program; connects with recruitments; facilitates affiliates such as updating monthly letter and scheduling of product training; generates business case or prospect type; brings together contact data and setups preliminary key coalition meetings; follows-up with coalition partners to carry out particular plan of actions; prepares a weekly standing report for the weekly meetings. This report would consist of a revision from the channel and coalition program master checklist with dates, the standing and follows-up results from every group; maintains time used up on activities; and helps make and path a reserved financial statement.

Marketing Intern Salary: $20,000.00 to $30,000.00

  • Public Relations

The Public Relations handles managerial functions such as media, community, consumer, industry and governmental relations; appreciate the attitudes and apprehensions of community. In this manner the Public Relation Specialist is better able to stand for the company in a fine radiance with the community; acquainted with the significance of good public relations to the triumph of the business; makes available recommendation on the strategy to use for civic judgment; in charge of being a promoter for selling, nonprofit relations, universities, hospitals and further organizations; responsible in telling the organizations story by the utilization of the media, assembly, and at any rate possible to help the outlook point as professed by the public; understand the attitudes and concerns of the people, consumer, member of staff, and public interest groups and create and sustain mutual relationships with them and with representatives from print and broadcast journalism; drafts press releases and get in touch with people in the media who might publish or televise the material; often begins programs to help continue contact between the organization and individual with the public some programs are speaking arrangements and visual presentations; and also keep the public judgment always in an optimistic form.

Public Relations Salary: $40,000.00

Fathead LLC Job Application Form Online

Visit www.fathead.com for more detailed information.

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