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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Fatz Cafe Job Description

As an equal opportunity employer, Fatz Cafe has amassed valuable experience and know-how from different people of various cultures and orientations. This experience comes to bear in their approach towards quality service delivery. Opportunities abound for job seekers of different levels. Entry level hourly positions and Career based positions are up for grabs by those that possess the requisite skills Fatz Café seeks.

Fatz Cafe Job Positions and Duties

  • Fatz Cafe Restaurant Manager Job Description

Fatz Café has a demanding routing for the position of Manager, as he/she is required to oversee the general well being of the restaurant and its many employees. To do that, the Manager must possess some special qualities that he/she must have acquired through training. Some of these are: ability to control and manage food service operations; ability to supervise the work of others; ability to prepare work schedules for employees and to instruct subordinates in food service procedures; ability to maintain a variety of operating and general records and to prepare reports and to interact well with customers requesting service.

Fatz Café Restaurant Manager Salary: $49,900

  • Fatz Cafe Assistant Manager Job Description

The job of the Assistant Manager at Fatz Café is generally to help the Manager and take his/her place in times of absence. The Assistant Manager assists in supervising the operation of the dining room and food service unit, as well as supervises the operation of subordinates. He/she is tasked with assisting in planning work schedules and assigning food service personnel duties. And also engages in training and supervising personnel in preparing meals, arranging foods, and serving customers. The Assistant Manager may at times participate in the cooking and serving of food when pressure is much. Another important duty of the Assistant Manager is to supervise cleaning of facilities and equipment; and inspect dining rooms and equipment for cleanliness.

Fatz Café Assistant Manager Salary: $37,000

  • Fatz Cafe Line Cook Job Description

The Line Cook at Fatz Café is generally tasked with preparing the meals on the menu. Other times he/she may be required to prepare and cook short order meals. Some other duties include: supervising and participating in the work of cleaning kitchens, refrigerators, and storerooms; supervising the work of food service workers; and instructing or supervising workers assisting in the preparation of food. A good knowledge of a large variety of food recipes and considerable knowledge of food values, menu planning, and uses for left-over food are important assets the Cook must have.

Fatz Café Line Cook Salary: $31,000

  • Fatz Cafe Store Keeper Job Description

Store Keeper duties are quite interesting and a little bit demanding at Fatz Café. He/she liaises with the kitchen staff, management, cashier, and a host of other employees. It is the job of the Store Keeper to take inventory of the possessions of the store at any given time; relate such to the Manager; receive and release supplies when necessary, and importantly always be on the lookout for when certain goods or supplies are low in stock.

Fatz Café Store Keeper Salary: $28,000

  • Fatz Cafe Server Job Description

The Server serves customer their meals or beverages as requested. He/she takes food and beverage orders from customers, answers questions regarding prices, substitutions, quality or quantity of menu items, and availability of menu items, then delivers food and beverages to tables. Other jobs include removing dishes and utensils; cleaning and dusting tables and chairs, etc. The Server may also be requested to assist in setting up and taking down tables and chairs and placing clean utensils and napkins on tables.

Fatz Café Server Hourly Salary: $9

Fatz Cafe Job Application Form Online

To find new openings at Fatz Café, click: http://www.fatzcafe.com/jobs_newrestaurant.php. For management opportunities, click: http://www.fatzcafe.com/jobs_management.php. For hourly jobs, click: http://www.fatzcafe.com/jobs_hourly.php. Click here to find the online application form: http://www.fatzcafe.com/files/fatz_cafe_employment_application.pdf. Upload your Bio-data here: http://www.fatzcafe.com/jobs_employmentapp.php

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