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FDA Job Description

FDA falls under the US Department of Health and Human Services which is one of the US federal executive departments. FDA promotes the protection of public health by regulating and supervising food, tobacco, supplements, prescription and OTC drugs. The FDA has over 223 field offices and 13 laboratories that function to ensure safety of food and drugs.

FDA Job Positions and Duties

  • FDA Pharmacists Job Description

The Pharmacists will take responsibility of prescriptions issued by doctors, dentists, and other licensed practitioners. He/she will manage the medications including its preparation and storage. He/she is highly responsible for the accuracy of compounded medications and the correct interpretation of a prescription.

FDA Pharmacist Annual Salary Range: $ 62,467.00 – $115,742.00

  • FDA Consumer Safety Officer Job Description

The Consumer Safety Officer monitors and determines the degree of compliance by an FDA center in the enforcement of actions regarding a regulated product. Review other laws and regulations that are deemed necessary and determine if further information and data are needed. He/she is also responsible for the analysis of various volatile existing cases.

FDA Consumer Safety Officer Annual Salary Range: $105,211.00 – $136,771.00

  • FDA Medical Officer Job Description

The Medical Officer has a job to evaluate the efficacy of medical programs and to examine the adequacy of clinical findings to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medical program. He/she will also review clinical trials to make medical decisions that would benefit the nation and that would affect the public. The Medical Officer also oversees the implementation of programs that proves beneficial to the public.

FDA Medical Officer Annual Salary Range: $105,211.00 – $155,500.00

  • FDA Program Manager Job Description

The Program Manager takes care of administrative issues and matters that affect implemented programs and systems. He/she reviews program cost and gives advice on cost effectiveness strategies. He/she is also responsible for monitoring program strategies and achievement of program goals and conducts research on the effectiveness of program implementation.

FDA Program Manager Annual Salary Range: $123,758.00 – $155,500.00

  • FDA Administrative Officer Job Description

The Administrative Officer will serve as a Deputy Director of the Office of Management. He/ she will have a role in planning, managing, and directing administrative operations and projects together with the senior management. He/she will also be responsible in analyzing and planning for solutions to center problems and other program problems.

FDA Administrative Officer Annual Salary Range: $123,758.00 – 155,500.00

FDA Career Opportunities Online

The FDA can be the venue for your career to blossom. Visit them at their website and learn more about the agency as well as explore for job opportunities that awaits you. A wide variety of jobs may be available in FDA click this link to find out, http://www.fda.gov/default.htm.

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