Fins, Fur, and Feathers Inc. Job Description

Fins, Furs & Feathers, Inc. is a parent company of and and has been acknowledged as one of the top 500 e-commerce businesses in the United States by state business journal Internet Retailer. Fins Fur & Feather Inc is a private company classified under Pet Supplies and can be found in Garden Grove, CA. The company was launched in 1997 and currently consists of 500 employees.

Fins, Fur, and Feathers Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

The Software Development Manager runs and performs against project plans and release obligations; line with limited and distant developers to guarantee an understanding of supplies, precedence, and procedures; make and perform on software-related strategic plans to meet necessary managerial objectives; supervision of departmental assets, inclusive of the recruitment, mentoring, improving and retaining of a best-of-class development team; reporting on the standing of development, value, processes, and systems presentation to management on a monthly basis; generated talent in crafting, developing and interfacing with different systems, to better control the operational expansion and competence of the organization; strong track evidence for punctual project release, meeting requirements of the maximum quality character; operational assist and enthusiasm for launching, gauging, and improving ahead the accessibility, performance, and quality of systems. The Software Development Manager reports directly and honestly to the Chief Operating Officer.

Software Development Manager Salary: $120,000.00

The CSR must perform as front line contact with customers; help customers with an accommodating shopping experience; guarantee the skill and growth of fellow Customer Service co-workers; work together with the Customer Satisfaction Index to level and advance company’s service implementation; act in response to and determine customer issues with importance; guarantee execution and maturity of the Family Friendly Concept; take the duties for projects and tasks as they take place; and prepared for problem-solving and granting precise information to the customers in a professional and gracious manner.

Customer Service Representative Salary: $30,000.00

The Account Payable Associate reports directly and honestly to the Accounting Supervisor; joins in the whole accounts payable cycle and guarantees work achievement at all times; in charge for maintaining correct records of invoices, credit memos, check vouchers and further payable documents which have got to be in agreement to the normally acknowledged accounting principles; guarantees outflow coding, markdown calculation, receipt preparation and check issuances are attained correctly and appropriately; evaluates and settles retailer declaration of accounts with company’s records; speaks with retailers to explain discrepancies on payable documents; and facilitates directly with other departments including but not limited to purchasing and receiving departments.

Account Payable Associate Salary: $40,000.00

The Entry Level Web Designer will be assigned in retaining site content with HTML updates; designing and swiftly applying comprehensible, useful web pages; running more than a few projects concurrently while meeting tight cut-off dates; reacting to a range of web-related requests from additional departments; and may help out in manufacture of print materials.

Entry Level Web Designer Salary: $30,000.00

How to Apply

Apply personally at their office in Greater Los Angeles, California or browse their website.

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