Firehouse Subs

by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

Firehouse Subs Job Description

Firehouse Subs chain of restaurants is known for their specialty subs, fresh chili, crisp salads, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. The employees are given the tools to succeed in this industry so they can become candidates for promotion as determined by the corporation. The company is known for their independent workers and many of them started off their careers serving the specialty subs. Many of the skills were learned with the cross training that Firehouse Subs gives their employees. This lets the employees be involved with all the different jobs in the restaurant.

Firehouse Subs Job Positions and Duties

  • Firehouse Subs Team Leader Job Description

A team leader at Firehouse Subs main responsibility is to manager the team while following all regulations that are federal, state, and local. They will help with all game plans of the restaurant, hire new employees, interview employees, make sure the employees get the proper training, and discipline the employees. A team leader is the backbone of the team and will ensure all costs and growth of sales is being followed. They will help with documents to make sure everything is accurate and up to date. A team leader will also help with counting of inventory, handling vendors, making sure the restaurant is clean, handling any problems that the customer might have, and auditing the cash drawer on occasion.

Firehouse Subs Team Leader Hourly Salary: $7.75

  • Firehouse Subs Team Member Job Description

The main job description of a team member is to serve food that is fresh and hot. A team member will also greet customers, take the orders, enhance their customer service skills, and know the complete menu so they can handle any questions the customers might have. They will also learn all the food preparations, make subs, collect money from the customers and make change, restock supplies, clean tables, take out trash, clean floors, make sure the outside of the restaurant is clean, and follow all regulations set by the company. This is a fast paced environment so the team members are expected to be fast while being careful of others around them. This is about being a team player because that is what management is all about.

Firehouse Subs Team Member Hourly Salary: $7.25

  • Firehouse Subs Assistant Manager Job Description

As an assistant manager he or she will be in charge of the operation and profitability of the restaurant. They have a team under them that they are responsible for and will guide in the correct direction. An assistant manager helps with the hiring process of new team members, the training of the members, making sure all equipment is functioning properly, able to communicate any problems to the general manager, trends will be analyzed and plans implemented for the success of the restaurant, and maintain cleanliness of the restaurant at all times. They will also do any paperwork that needs done, make sure all documents are up to date, and make bank deposits.

Firehouse Subs Assistant Manager Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Other Job Positions

Other job positions at Firehouse Subs include being a general manager whose main job responsibility is handling all operations and profitability of the restaurant. They will make sure all regulations are being enforced, make sure all goals are met daily, ensure the complete team is being developed and trained daily, and make sure the restaurant is safe and secure for the employees and the customers.

Firehouse Subs Job Application Form Online

Firehouse Subs official website allows users to browse for different career opportunities and positions at all the different locations. The website link provides a comprehensive database about the different job positions.

At applicants can easily submit their application for employment as long as they meet all the qualifications for the desired position.

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