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by Publishing Team on October 25, 2010

First Watch Job Description

First Watch opens each morning at the crack of dawn with slicing fresh fruits and vegetables baked muffins and whipping up and French toast from scratch. Freshness is an uncompromised matter in First Watch. Here, you can make your morning more pleasant with a Premium Blend coffee, along with complimentary newspapers and Wi-Fi Internet access. You can also get an extra ordinary dining experience in this loveable atmosphere. The opening time of First Watch is 7am and the closing time is 2.30 p.m. The general menu of First Watch includes eggs, pancakes, soups, salads and sandwiches and fresh fruit crepes.

First Watch Job Positions and Duties

  • First Watch Restaurant Management Job Description

All the crew members of First Watch Restaurant Management are able to lead, manage, and develop the business and address the issues of the visitors. The main responsibility of these management professionals is to solve complains of all customers and ensure that all visitors are getting services according to the standard of the hotel. It is the duty of the management professional to select or create successful menu items depending upon conventional styles and fusions, and assign prices based on cost analysis. Beside these functions, the hotel management works out some other functions like recruitment, hiring, and overseeing training for staff, scheduling work hours for servers and kitchen staff and monitoring food preparation method

  • First Watch, General Cashier Job Description

All the cashiers that are appointed here possess more than one year of experience and are well qualified. You can easily mark qualities like customer service focused approach and solution oriented mentality, ability to succeed in a fast-paced work environment, communication clarity and professional interaction with customers and co-workers among the cashiers who work here. The prime duty of a cashier in First Watch restaurant is to deliver exceptional customer service by greeting customers and completing their transactions. During the time of appointment of new cashiers, the chief cashier assists and trains them to work in a new environment. If required the cashiers also work for other support areas, such as seating customers, answering telephones, stock work cleanup and documentation. These people are always ready to greet guests and take their orders properly, answering all questions of the guests. All the cashiers here are knowledgeable with the electronic registration process to ensure accuracy and speed. As the customer service professional, a cashier person can ask the client if the meal was acceptable or not and also handles all types of last time issues. He takes the bill from customer, rings it up on the cash register and accepts payment.

Cashers having some years experience can earn $8.49 in per hour in a First Watch restaurant

  • First Watch Chef or Head Cook Job Description

All head cooks here are experienced persons having good training over food management. Their major work includes overall creation and planning of menus, and designing food presentation to provide a unique dining experience to customers. As the head of the cooking team he supervises and trains other helpers. Head cooks play an important role in a restaurant’s success by attracting customers to the restaurant. In the First Watch restaurant, the chef is the person who decides the useful ingredient and other cooking materials those are needed in kitchen. He prepares the chart of the daily and monthly expenditure and profit that comes from the kitchen. A good chef always knows how to to buy good food without spending more money to keep the price of menu items customer-friendly. It is the responsibility of head cook to find out new ideas of cooking and design to attract the attention of the customers. Over all the duty of the chief cook includes purchasing ingredients, designing menu, prep and lastly executing dishes before serving.

  • Some other positions

Other new workers needed for the management with require professional standard. Experience and past track record of an applicant are also taken into consideration before appointment. The level of skill and experience will determine what a person will get as salary.

Abuelo’s Cook Salary: $32,000

First Watch Job Application Form Online

You can submit your resume via email ([email protected]) to if vacancies are available. To learn more about management opportunities, submit your resume to: [email protected]. And for Franchise options log on to All application forms are available at

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