Fox’s Pizza Den

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Fox’s Pizza Den Job Description

Fox’s Pizza Den has more 300 locations in more than 28 states in the country. Ranking in the Top 25 pizza chains around the world, Fox’s Pizza Den is continuously expanding its operation. Its growing operation requires the company to look for more highly qualified individuals to become part of their growing team of staff that will help in the operation of the company.

Fox’s Pizza Den Job Positions and Duties

  • Fox’s Pizza Den General Manager Job Descriptions

Fox’s Pizza Den looks for General Managers who are adaptable and self motivated not to mention the passion for customer service. Chief responsibilities for General Managers at Fox’s Pizza Den include but are not limited to hiring and training new Team Members, implementing safety conducts for delivery drivers, managing costs, in general, develop Team Members to work in their full potential in fast paced yet fun working environment. General Managers are also expected to build and enhance profits by building a workable relationship with other local businesses as well as the community. General Managers also need to maintain and control inventories making sure that the quality of the product and service is at par with the company’s operating standards.

Fox’s Pizza Den General Manager Salary: $36,433

  • Fox’s Pizza Den Assistant Manager Job Descriptions

The chief responsibility of Assistant Managers for Fox’s Pizza Den is to provide managerial assistance to the store’s General Manager in running and implementing operating standards in the restaurant. Assistant Managers also have to know how to prepare pizzas and deliver it to designated places where the orders have been made. They also need to drop off nightly deposits and do the paperwork needed when the General Manager or store owner is not around.

Fox’s Pizza Den Assistant Manager Salary: $33,490

  • Fox’s Pizza Den Customer Service Rep Job Descriptions

The main requirement for Fox’s Pizza Den Customer Service Rep applicants is to have a positive personality, a clear and highly energetic voice, and he or she must also be customer service oriented. Customer Service Reps also need to speak with customers all throughout his or her shift so they must know how to deal with various customer related issues. They must also be well versed when it comes to product details, services, charges, and other related important information which will be related to customers whenever it is needed.

Fox’s Pizza Den Customer Representative Hourly Salary: $6.80

  • Fox’s Pizza Den Delivery Driver Job Description

The main responsibility of Fox’s Pizza Den Delivery Driver is to deliver the orders to the designated places on time. Punctuality and honesty is the attitude required from applicants for this position. Delivery Drivers are also expected to know how to read a basic road map because this will handy when it comes to looking for unfamiliar territory. The orders must be delivered right on time and given to customers in a very courteous manner. It is also expected from Delivery Drivers to make sure that the company’s delivery vehicles are well maintained before and after the shift.

Fox’s Pizza Den Delivery Driver Hourly Salary: $8.95

  • Other Job Positions

Other available job positions at Fox’s Pizza Den include Shift Leader and Management Trainees. As a Shift Leader, it is expected that you will be able to efficiently schedule the shifts of every employees and make sure that every employees will get a fair share of job schedule. For those opting to become managers sometime in their professional careers, Management Trainee positions are the best entry level position in this industry. You will be given managerial duties allowing you to learn the basic responsibilities of a General Manager while developing your skills in handling people, implementing company guidelines, dealing with customer related issues, and enhancing customer satisfaction in the workplace.

Fox’s Pizza Den Job Application Form Online

You can download a job application form at which you can fill up and bring to the store during your application schedule

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