Freddie Mac

by Publishing Team on February 4, 2011

Freddie Mac Job Description

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) or also known as Freddie Mac is a publicly traded government sponsored enterprise under credit services industry. The company’s name was an acronym of the company’s full name adopted officially for ease of identification between other at par companies. Homing 5,281 and counting, Freddie Mac’s assets counted to $851 Billion in 2008 and a counting and with revenue of $50.9 billion in the same year.

Freddie Mac Job Positions and Duties

  • Freddie Mac Technical Analyst Job Description

Technical Analyst is a company professional responsible in the analysis of technical aspects of the company. Technical aspects would include mostly of computer-related matters like trouble-shooting hardware and software. He or she administers, maintains and ensures credibility of data for an assigned systems, applications and programs. He or she may also work with business users, hardware and software support in order to effectively solve work-related problems.

Freddie Mac Technical Analyst Job Salary: $87,160

  • Freddie Mac Lead Programmer Analyst Job Description

A Lead Programmer Analyst is the one who develops computer applications or software for the company, and forwards the program development to the subordinate programmer analysts to ensure the completion of the programming projects. As a computer professional, he or she should be well versed of various programming languages. He or she leads the development of computer software by creating series of logical instructions referred to as coding, to create computer software and applications.

Freddie Mac Lead Programmer Analyst Job Salary: $81,182

  • Freddie Mac Financial Analyst Job Description

Financial Analyst’s main responsibility is to analyze the general financial status of the company. This job may entail the collection, observation and interpretation of financial data and information to forecasting marketing activities. He or she conducts market research and suggests company acquisitions and investments. He or she also keeps on track of the latest trends and techniques in financial analysis field.

Freddie Mac Financial Analyst Job Salary: $61,346

  • Freddie Mac Intern Job Description

By definition of an Intern’s job, he or she is responsible in performing administrative and operational functions in the company office. Intern’s job may be essential tasks in the office space that includes office works like document filing, faxing and photocopying. He or she may be assigned as receptionists answering telephone calls and attending visitors. As the degree of an intern’s interest to the job at a significantly long span of time, he or she may have a managerial promotion managing minor administrative projects.

Freddie Mac Intern Job Hourly Salary: $17.23/hour

  • Freddie Mac Business Operations Associate Job Description

Operations Associate may sometimes be called as clerks but they work for the company’s top rank executives like the chief executive officer (CEO) or chief operations officer (COO). In short, they are company professionals that work for people who make important decisions in the company, thus making their job an important one for the company. His or her jobs daily work would include call forwarding of call from important clients. He or she schedules appointments, types their boss’ letters and keeps track of important employee and client information. He or she may also assist with collections, billings and payrolls.

Freddie Mac Business Operations Associate Job Salary: $52,698

Freddie Mac Career Opportunities Online

Freddie Mac Official Website can be referred for further career opportunities that one might find interesting Their company website may serve to interest people seeking for jobs and contains comprehensive database of career list.

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