Frederick’s of Hollywood Job Description

Frederick’s of Hollywood is a ground-breaking, world-renowned product that captures the thrill and glamour of Hollywood by presenting sexy styles that create a sense of passion, sexiness, attractiveness and confidence in every women. It operates in about 130-160 women’s intimate apparel shops in the United States mainly in malls. It sells bras, panties, lingerie, dresses, foundations, corsets/shape wear, wigs, shoes and accessories. They are also well known for pioneering push-up bra and other dainties and have even extended its reach by adding jewelry and perfume.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Duties and Responsibilities

The arrangement of retail store manager is one that holds immeasurable duties and great responsibilities. The store manager provides top-quality shopper service, reach sales goals and display proven merchandising skills in any situation. He or she must preserve the general value and daily operations of the enterprise. He or she is also assigned in control the hiring, firing and maintaining of workers. In addition to these tasks, the retail store manager must see to it that each individual is sufficiently qualified to fill their job title and take charge of the work that they do all through their employment at the store. Another significant duty and/or responsibility of the retail store manager is on managing the turning in of cash at the end of each sales associate’s day and is necessary to ensure that all the money is accounted for in the end. He or she as well handles publicity and promotional display.

Store Manager Salary $30,000.00-$40,000.00

Assistant Managers are responsible for supporting the store manager in driving sales and motivating sales associates. He or she must entail good leadership & organizational skills even without the presence of the store manager.

F/T Assistant Manager Salary $9.00-$15.00 on a hourly basis

A Sales Associate is accountable for maintaining excellent customer service, generating sales, purchases, and protecting company properties. He or she provides pleasant atmosphere which includes greeting and acknowledging every client and communicating customers demand to management. He or she may even assist customers in locating merchandise. In addition to these, he or she must also take part in annual inventory and series counts and be able to write a precise and full documentation. Physical capability to stand for extensive periods, and to move and handle boxes of merchandise is also a significant task.

Sales Associates Salary $20,000-$30,000 in average depending on experience

A trend Coordinator should recognize main business receiving thoughts and fashion in satisfactory time as to control assortments in warm and intimate apparel, RTW (Ready to wear), footwear and accessories. He or she is ought to work with SVP to get the most through actionable style forecasting four times per annum. Holds responsible for constant and actionable “fashion flashes” that converse to pop society, Hollywood, and its impact on present and rising trend.

He or she must produce color palettes by section of company under the direction and supervision of SVP. He or she is required to communicate trend and shade to dealer/licensee communities.

Trend Coordinator Salary $30,000-$40,000 Average Salary depending on location and company

Frederick’s of Hollywood

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