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Freshens Job Description

This brand is well known for its classic yoghurt and smoothies. Freshens is known best for the many items in the menus. These menu items have increased in number ever since the establishment of the brand. While there is a lot being delivered by this brand, freshens strives to make sure it has gone above and beyond the expectations of its customers.

Freshens Job Positions and Duties

  • Freshens Cashier Job Description

A cashier in any of the freshens outlets is expected to work under tight schedules. Most Freshens outlets open for long hours and the cashiers work in shifts. The cashier is expected to give an easy time to the next cashier in the shift. The cashier has to maintain the overall cleanliness of the counter tops. The cashier has to make sure he has given the right change and needs to know the basics of math well.

Freshens cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Freshens Cook Job Description

The cook needs to be healthy and be an expert in food preparation. The cook needs to know the basics of time management in the kitchen since food items have to be ready before the rush hour comes. The cook needs to write down the items that are missing in the kitchen and make sure the management has been made aware of the absence of these items from the kitchen. All cooks need to keep within the budget and come up with interesting recipes for a new market. Customers want to be excited and happy, and new recipes will draw them towards freshens.

Freshens cook’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Freshens Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager has to always be on his feet. He has to make sure everything is working and that the food joint is as operational as it ought to be. In the event that there is a work station that is not working, the shift manager will ensure that it is working. The shift manager advertises for the positions that need to be filled. He will interview potential workers and make sure they are good enough and professional enough to work in Freshens.

Freshens shift manager’s salary: $10 to13 per hour

  • Freshens Store Manager Job Description

As for the manager of the store, he is charged with ensuring that everything is secured, that nothing gets lost from the store. It is for this reason that the store manager keeps records as to the movement of the items to and from the store. The store manager hires store employees who will assist him in arranging and making sure everything runs smoothly in the store. The store manager has to have a lot of skills in human resource management and project management as well. It is up to him to decide which supplier is worth keeping and which is not. He has to keep to the allocated budget for the sake of the store.

Freshens store manager’s salary: $13 to 16 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

The management positions are the most popular in Freshens and these are the most applied for. For those who want to become part of the crew or management, applications are best made online. The same is the case for those who want to make use of the franchising opportunity that Freshens provides. The latter is very interesting, as it exempts new franchisees from franchise fee.

Freshens Job Application Form Online

Application for freshens management and crew member jobs can be done online, at
As for those who want to start businesses, will give you more information on what to expect.

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