Friendly’s Wilbraham

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Friendly’s Wilbraham Job Description

Friendly’s Wilbraham is an ice cream shop that is known for its specialty sundaes, big beef burgers and super melt sandwiches since 1935. This is an ideal place where people can sit together with their families. Individuals who are interested in joining an ice cream hotel chain may find this company the ideal place to work. They provide their employees with sufficient training and hands on experience. This is also an opportunity for energetic individuals to interact with people of all kinds of ages.

Friendly’s Wilbraham Job Positions and Duties

  • Friendly’s Wilbraham Cook Job Description

The cook’s primary function in Friendly’s Wilbraham is to prepare hot and cold meals for in-house guests. The individual may be required to also carry out customer’s methods and recipes to create dishes at the same time ensuring that the health and safety regulations are followed. The responsibilities include (but is not limited to):

  • Prepare and follow the work schedule for assigned duties
  • Check menu changes and featured items on a daily basis
  • Inspect the grill and cold side equipments from time to time
  • Inspect the grill and cold side operations
  • Set up trash cans, fryers, grill exhaust, and set sanitizer buckets in place
  • Set up appropriate utensils
  • Prepare food items
  • Receive orders from servers for in-house guests
  • Carry-out meals according to accepted methods and recipes
  • Make sure that the meals are properly presented on time
  • Perform quality checks on food items
  • Assist and train servers on their tasks
  • Assist customers and address their concerns according to company policies
  • Clean all kitchen equipments and complete all the necessary paperwork

The job requirements are as follows:

  • Read and communicate in English
  • Able to perform all job functions efficiently
  • Meet the company’s performance standards
  • Participate in company’s training programs
  • Follow instructions
  • Work on the scheduled assignments
  • Able to use all the equipment used in cooking
  • High school education
  • Experience in hotel chain industry work
  • Able to stand for an entire shift period

Friendly’s Wilbraham Cook Hourly Salary: NA

  • Friendly’s Wilbraham Server Job Description

The primary function of a server in Friendly’s Wilbraham is to greet and seat guests, take their orders and deliver the food in a professional and timely manner according to the safety standards of the company. Some of the responsibilities include (but is not limited to):

  • Check and inspect the dining room
  • Prepare for operations
  • Make sure napkins, dishware, glassware, utensils, are in stock
  • Set tables as required
  • Greet adults and children in a professional and friendly manner
  • Escort the guests to the table and make them feel comfortable and welcome
  • Open menus in front of each guest and explain menu items
  • Prepare and deliver beverages as required for the meal
  • Deliver the prepared meals in a professional, timely and friendly manner
  • Cash-out guest in a timely manner and thank the departing guests
  • At the end of the shift complete all necessary paperwork

The job requirements include:

  • Ability to read and communicate in English
  • Perform all job functions safely
  • Able to follow instructions
  • Learn to use the equipments to perform the job

Friendly’s Wilbraham Server Hourly Salary: NA

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Friendly’s Wilbraham include being a dish washer, fountain worker, and delivery driver. The dish washer should be able to wash all the utensils according to the safety standards set by the company. The fountain worker and delivery driver must know how to drive and have a valid driving license.

Friendly’s Wilbraham Job Application Form Online

Friendly’s Wilbraham official website allows users to browse for different job positions. With the website link∫=false&cbRecursionCnt=1&cbsid=ca1de8a5e8f7426bae2e04c05276d187-320332571-w8-6 applicants can easily apply for the job position they desire as long as they are qualified for it.

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