Gaiam Inc.

by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010

Gaiam Inc. Job Description

Gaiam Inc. or translated as” I am Mother Earth” was founded in Colorado on 1980’s. The company provides information, merchandise and services to customers who worthily embrace the environment, a sustainable market, well lifestyles, unconventional healthcare and individual development. They give importance to learning, art, science, leisure, and the atmosphere and understood that the Earth was openly linked to its subsistence and each day life. They grow to be the starting place for folks and businesses paying attention to natural health, conservational lifestyles, own development and sustainable business. Their merchandising policy is based on widespread explorations, customer suggestions and recommendations, number of times present at global industry trade shows and running with vendors and commerce influential on product progress. They are dedicated to enhancing the company’s status in the marketplace by persistently improving their services to their clients.

Gaiam Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Jr. Help Desk/Desktop Support

A desktop support worker logs and observes technology-related inquiries and objections, from workers and clients; fixes and helps workers use hardware and software and organizes periodic review reports on open and determined issues; supply step-by-step explanations to the caller or use isolated entrée to control the computer and cure the difficulty; keeps records of callers, the problem encountered, and the solution made. If a problem was not directly fixed, the help desk support worker follows up with further directions or information; responsible for delivering friendly, prompt service to internal or external customers; supervises and conducts regular user running and safety measure tasks plus auditing system affair logs.

Desktop Support Worker Salary: $25,000.00 to $40,000.00

  • PD/Sourcing Coordinator

The PD/Sourcing Coordinator ensures the condition and procurement of resourced materials through confined and international sourcing centers and valuable conciliation while maintaining stability and reliability and purpose of the products; launches and maintains dealer stand in order to promise sourcing distinction everywhere; constantly monitors manufacture technology and performs breakdowns to deal with costs and balance lowest costs alternatives; monitors and keeps sourcing systems to uphold efficiencies in productivity, productions and processes; develops and manages benchmarking categorization by measuring service points in business areas; comprehends the technology around product handing/manufacturing to successfully grasp suppliers in observance with product industrial requirements; communicates on a daily basis with factories, suppliers and outer sourcing means; and product order changes, pricing, trial requests in order to spot and trouble shoot probable sourcing issues as they take place and before they shoot up.

PD/Sourcing Coordinator Salary: $30,000.00 to $45,000.00

Gaiam Inc. Job Application Form Online

If you are interested in an employment opportunity with Gaiam Inc., you may send your updated resume to: [email protected] or apply online on their official website

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