Gardener's Supply Co.

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Established: 1983
Employees: 500
HQ: Burlington, Vermont
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Gardener’s Supply Co. Job Description

Gardener’s Supply Co. makes and sells agriculture products specifically gardening products. The company is centered on presenting flower supports, self-watering planters, specialized growing mediums, composters, and natural fertilizers. The company recommends its products to gardeners in the United States. Gardener’s Supply Co. originated in 1983 and is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.

Gardener’s Supply Co. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Copywriter

The copywriter is in charge for writing copy that sells firm with concrete benefits that deal with the requests and wishes of our customers, while emphasizing the exclusive duty and character of the Gardener’s Supply brand. The copywriter converts Gardener’s Supply’s product improvement, and its interest for earth-friendly crop growing into retailing and advertising stories that productively take promotional response and product sales. The copywriter is skillful at writing for print catalog, website, e-mail and video. The copywriter is knowledgeable in styles in the gardening and home markets, and has the talent to discover the product a brand edge that makes a distinction of Gardener’s Supply from its opposition. The copywriter works in partnership with other employees that produces copy or speaks with customers to have a unified copy voice. The copywriter must work personally with the Creative Director and Creative Team to incorporate copy and images for original and returning products. The copywriter must also filter selling copy and campaign messaging during the course and evaluation process. He or she is ought to preserve a copy style book that is used as the location for all selling copy editing and proofreading. The copywriter is in charge for the supervision of copy work flow and tasks within the structure of overlying seasonal print campaigns and e-mail campaign regularity.

Copywriter Salary: $40,000.00

  • Product Research and Testing Coordinator

The product research and testing coordinator is in charge for testing new and present products for effectiveness, security and common use. The product research and testing coordinator shall manage exterior product testing and product surveys. The product research and testing coordinator will be accountable for management support to ease workflow, create technical reports, and help with organization of concluding documentation packages. The product research and testing coordinator must execute check ups, proof of payment login and classification of arriving model shipments. He or she must enter test sample and learn information in testing databases. The product research and testing coordinator must take delivery and record hard copy test reports in project files. He or she should generate, systematize, inform, and sustain hard copy testing project files and supervise status of project summary report for customers. The product research and testing coordinator directs QA evaluation of project files and trace modifications required by QA. The product research and testing coordinator as well, drives reports to customers and records project end events in file. He or she prints test plans, example inventory sheets and test editorial labels from files. The perfect applicant must have strong research expertise and practice, established accomplishment in analysis and useful and brief writing and verbal skills. Gardening experience is a great advantage.

Product Research and Testing Coordinator Salary: $40,000.00

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