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Established: 1989
Employees: 8,437
HQ: Olathe, Kansas
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Garmin Ltd. Job Description

Garmin Ltd. was brought into being with the philosophies of advancement, convenience, presentation, worth, and service. The Garmin Ltd. ground-breaking product covers a selection of interest, counting as automotive, marine, fitness, aviation, open-air leisure and wireless applications. Garmin is a globally competitive company with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Garmin Ltd. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design Certification Engineer

The Design Certification Engineer helps Project Engineers in organizing avionics design teams; direct expansion teams by considering and following recognized engineering processes; construct and present key FAA documents to make sure of observance with required avionic certification; identify new products through idea, product progress planning and requirements development; design avionics electronic circuits; inscribe VHDL software for FPGAs; bear out, confirm and assess FPGA code development under DO-254 requirements; inscribe software for products and test tools; authenticate, confirm and assess software in support of DO-178B development efforts; give system level safety revision of incorporated avionics systems; direct and contribute in product development analysis; build up and carry out hardware test plans for practical, certification, HIRF and Lightning; border across organizational boundaries to match avionics development; grow to be a specialist in FAA regulatory requirements; achieve practice in a broad diversity of aviation engineering skills; examine and bring up to date the hardware development process documents; aid in the description of new products and systems; and perform other duties as necessary and as assigned by superiors.

Design Certification Engineer Salary: $55,000.00-$80,000.00

  • Software Engineer

The Software Engineer creates software in C, assembly language, or other chosen languages for Garmin products in agreement with Garmin’s software progress method; execute new product software design and advancement as well as preservation activities for products already in manufacture; check software using debuggers, simulators, emulators, and or logic analyzers; act upon software discharges and software value assurance activities; evaluate product information as well as manuals and brochures for technical accurateness; take part in product explanation activities plus aspect analysis and system tradeoffs; and perform other duties as necessary and as assigned by superiors.

Software Engineer Salary: $50,000.00-$85,000.00

  • Embedded Test Software Engineer

The Embedded Test Software Engineer helps out in the testing of Garmin products by developing physical and mechanical tests to match system and software requirements; labor with product expansion teams to carry out requirements confirmation; work with product expansion teams to carry out software confirmation and testing; generate and execute requirements based manual test procedures; build up and execute computerized unit level and module level test drivers; build up tools to help in software development and test; examine test outcomes and users’ opinion and converse with product development teams to help in problem solution; guide and tutor new team members; and perform other work-related duties and as assigned by superiors.

Embedded Software Engineer Salary: $55,000.00-$80,000.00

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