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by Publishing Team on February 2, 2011

General Mills Job Description

Green Mills is best-known for their food processing industry. They are founded in Minneapolis,Minnesota in the year 1866 and based their office in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Their delightful baking mixes, cereals, yogurt and other food products made them more captivating to the consumers they are serving. Because of the increase demand of those health-conscious consumers, the company is targeting to produce more of their products for better satisfaction of the people buying their products.

General Mills Job Positions and Descriptions

  • General Mills Associate Marketing Manager Job Description

An Associate Marketing Manager tracks all the decisions of the company’s business. The manager should be aware of the business’s concern for brand building in relation to the costumers and consumers needs by solving their problem, promoting and endorsing. In terms of being a manager, he/she is responsible for coordinating and formulating strategies in the over all management of the company. And in terms of leading the teams with in the company, good communication should be develop for it is said that good management starts with good communication. The position requires Master in Business Administration Degree with 1-5 years post graduate work experience,preferably leads in Consumer foods.

General Mills Associate Marketing Manager Job Salary: $96,773

  • General Mills Financial Analyst Job Description

A financial analyst leads and support the company through his/her expertise in line with financing and monetary investments analysis. The financial analyst provides extraordinary service through the hands-on finance experience and degree he/she have,preferably with Masters of Business Administration. The company counts much to the level of leadership the financial analyst have, for the position need to support marketing business team. Or much more needed in the areas such as Treasury, strategies and investment finance.

General Mills Financial Analyst Job Salary: $69,167

  • General Mills Research and Food Development Scientist Job Description

The Research and Food Development Scientist gives one of the bulk in the company. As a scientist, the responsibility tracks into the production and development of the products the company is offering. From the, plant building up to the formulation. The responsibility covers a wide range of activities assuming the role of being an innovator and a problem-solver. Both responsibilities makes up the accountability of the scientist. In terms of change, the responsibility do test the ability of the Research and Food Development Scientist to actively make new ideas to adopt change that would be possibly helpful to the company.

General Mills Research and Food development Scientist Salary: $69,833

  • General Mills Programmer Analyst Job Description

A Programmer Analyst support the company by enhancing the Information technology systems. The prospect is responsibly assigned in making softwares, modules and Its related jobs. He/she should have a strong trouble shooting skills, could work independently in cases like emergencies or lack of work-force. Communicates to the members of the team and implements solutions following the process the company has established. Preferably, finished a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with at least 5 years of experience with good communication skills either written or oral. Could work in a busy environment, and can do multi-tasking and positively accepts challenge and find exact and positive results.

General Mills Programmer Analyst Job Salary: $56,700

  • General Mills Associate Human Resources Manager Job Description

The Associate Human Resources Manager holds the responsibility of the employment team. The obligation of looking for good and skilled workers in the company help the industry productive because its where the quality first tested. Being an Associate Human Resources Manager, he/she is in charge of the recruitment, differentiating the skills the applicants have. Maintain the positive traits and attitudes an employee should have. He/she should have good interpersonal relationship skills as well as strong adaptive attitude.

General Mills Associate Human Resource Manager Job Salary: $67,625

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