General Services Administration (GSA)

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General Services Administration (GSA) Job Description

Established in July 1, 1949, the General Services Administration or GSA is an independent government agency of the United States that aids in the basic operations of other federal agents. This office serves as a provider of transportation and office space for federal employees, supplies products and communications and creates mass cost-efficient policies and management tasks. With 12,000 employees and counting, GSA has an annual operating budget of approximately $26.3 billion, this budget represents 1% of all taxpayers contributions.

GSA Job Positions and Duties

  • GSA Program Analyst Job Description

A Bachelor’s degree in Operations Research, Business, Management Science or related field is required to fill the position of a Program Analyst. As a Program Analyst, He or she will be assisting various activities and developments in the corporate and official programs to reduce the cost, implement programs and enhance the program. He or she may also be required to have a sharp analytical, problem-solving and computer skills. He or she must also have a good background in basic programming knowledge in order to create reports.

GSA Program Analyst Job Salary: $91,000

  • GSA Contract Specialist Job Description

A degree in Business or any related course is advised for the position of Contract Specialist. He or she will be handling various negotiations with suppliers to make procurement contracts. He or she is the one who administers, extends, terminates and renegotiates the terms of the contract. He or she also creates and links proposed purchasing. He or she also analyzes the timely importance of the contract, and may approve or reject it. He or she also evaluates different aspects of the contract like the pricing, reasonability and bargaining.

GSA Contract Specialist Job Salary: $64,931

  • GSA Financial Management Specialist Job Description

Financial Management Specialist positions require a degree in Finance, Management or other related fields of discipline. He or she will be responsible in basic accounting and financial aspects of the agency. He or she will be identifying, analyzing and categorizing budget data. And he or she will be managing training programs to be conducted.

GSA Financial management Specialist Job Salary: $53,159

  • GSA Auditor Job Description

A degree in Accountancy or Commerce with a license of CPA or Certified Public Accountant is required to be in a position of Auditor. The Auditor is the one who determines the financial status of the agency. He or she does the analysis of financial records of the company. He or she does the verification of journal and ledger records with the cash on hand. He or she also counts the agency assets and checks the breakdown of budget is properly placed. He or she prepares reports for approval and report purposes.

GSA Auditor Job Salary: $79,000

  • GSA Intern Job Description

As long as a student is currently enrolled in an institution or university with an outstanding grade or at least no grade below 2.0, he or she can be an Intern in the agency office. He or she works in almost all areas of office works depending on where he or she is assigned to. He or she may be doing administrative tasks in the office doing filing or records, receiving calls, photocopying files and other essential and basic tasks. He or she may also serve as an assistant to an executive serving like a secretary. There are various activities for an Intern, but the main activity is to assist.

GSA Intern Job Salary: $12/hour

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