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by Publishing Team on January 19, 2011

Giant Eagle Job Description

Giant Eagle is a privately owned and one of America’s largest supermarket chains, with over 200 stores operating and with annual sales of approximately $8.2 billion. Giant Eagle is a one stop shop, from pharmacies, to grocery, to dry cleaning, and many others, as the company seeks to provide all consumer needs and expectations. As a large company Giant Eagle is guided by its principles of ensuring the happiness and building a long and satisfying relationship not only with the consumers but also of the company’s team members.

Giant Eagle Job Positions and Duties

  • Giant Eagle Assistant Marketing Manager Job Description

An Assistant Marketing Manager handles direct mail and mobile marketing programs and he/she is responsible for developing, executing and analyzing it. He/she must be able to develop a good relationship with customers with the use of direct mail and mobile channels.

Giant Eagle Assistant Marketing Manager Salary: $57, 678

  • Giant Eagle Pharmacy Technician Job Description

The Pharmacy technician leads and ensures that the pharmacy team will be able to provide safe, accurate, and effective service to the customers. He/she must be knowledgeable about the different supplies and different strategies to take in meeting customer care needs to have optimal outcomes.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Technician Hourly Salary: $9.85

  • Giant Eagle Gourmet Chef Job Description

Responsible for the food operations, the Gourmet Chef sees to it that the food is of highest quality to meet customer satisfaction. He also watches over the food preparation ensuring that food safety standards are met. He/she is also responsible for constant food education of sales associates and customers as he/she works for increasing the profitability of the company’s food products.

Giant Eagle Gourmet Chef Hourly Salary: $13.78

  • Giant Eagle Stock Clerk Job Description

The Stock Clerk will be responsible for resupplying stocks in the shelves of the store. Majority of the time the Stock Clerk is on the sales floor. He/she assists the customers in finding the product that they are looking for. A Stock Clerk is also fully trained to assist customers in all sections of the store including the frozen section and the front end section.

Giant Eagle Stock Clerk Hourly Salary: $8.39

  • Giant Eagle Cashier Job Description

As a member of the front end team, the cashier will be the one to operate the cash register and interact directly with the customer as she processes the items purchased by the customers accurately. She is also trained fully to be able to assist the customer in other parts of the store.

Giant Eagle Cashier Hourly Salary: $8.10

Giant Eagle Job Application Form Online

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anonymous February 24, 2011 at 4:01 am

The company as a whole is great to work for, but the management staff they have chosen is horrible. These managers do not know how to do their jobs or write schedules. None of the managers are professional by any means.


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