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Established: 1902
Employees: 5,000
HQ: Nashville, Tennessee
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Gibson Guitar Job Description

Gibson Guitar Corporation is now United States’ leading guitar maker. Founded by Orville Gibson in 1890s in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the company now manufactures acoustic and electric guitar owning brands like Epiphone, Kramer, Valley Arts, Tobias, Steinberger, and Kalamazoo. The company also manufactures pianos, Baldwin and drums, Slingerland and other accessory items.

Gibson Guitar Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Gibson Guitar Entertainment Relations Job Description

A Public Relations Specialist, also known as publicist, is the spokesperson representing the company. The publicist is the one handling the company’s conflict or scandal. As a Public Relations Specialist, one should be on-call for 24 hours especially if the company is having an emergency. One should possess exceptional written and oral communication skills since he or she will be asked from time to time of impromptu speeches in behalf of the company.

Gibson Guitar Entertainment Relations Job Salary: $45,000

  • Gibson Guitar Warehouse Associate Job Description

A Warehouse Associate is responsible in systematically organizing storage materials. He or she maintains inventory of all supplies and making reports of damaged goods and stocks. He or she supervises the maintenance of warehouse machineries and tools. He or she should also follow sound documentation and safety rules of all warehouse functions. And he or she is also tasked to supervise the assignments of all subordinates.

Gibson Guitar Warehouse Associate Job Monthly Salary: $2,607 /month

  • Gibson Guitar Builder Job Description

An musical instrument builder at Gibson’s should have a very close attention to details. He or she should be skilled enough to maintain the high standard and quality manufacturing of the company. He or she should have a rigid training and experience in making and building guitars and other related accessories.

Gibson Guitar Builder Job Hourly Salary: $14/hour

  • Gibson Guitar Operations Flunky Job Description

An operations flunky is responsible in monitoring staff activities. He or she reports directly to the Vice President of Operations and is also tasked for ongoing trainings. He or she is also responsible for the monitoring of productivity in the sales department. One should also have a complete knowledge and implementation of all company policies and procedures.

Gibson Guitar Operations Flunky Job Salary: $41,000

  • Gibson Guitar Labor Job Description

As a Laborer, one should be of good health and fit for any activity in the manufacturing and building area. He is tasked of different but general labor. He or she may assist in carrying materials to the machine feed for a material processing. He or she may also be assigned in the waste disposal area. This job is a very general but very essential in the manufacturing place.

Gibson Guitar Labor Job Salary: $28,000

  • Gibson Guitar Human Resource Representative Job Description

A Human Resource Representative is responsible in approaching all that matters in HR department. He or she may work in the areas of Employee Development, Recruitment and Employment, Policy Administration, Workforce Goals and others. He or she also collects data and reporting activities of the company for the analyses and communications.

Gibson Guitar Human Resource Representative Job Salary: $37,000

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