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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Giordano’s Pizza Job Description

Giordano’s Pizza is a household name typically known for its demands for quality delivery with every pizza sold. Because of that, it has hired the services some of skillful and dedicated people around that have the ability to fulfill the vision and mission of the pizza joint. Giordano’s Pizza still seeks more workers that are dedicated and have necessary knowledge to join the outfit. It is always memorable to work with Giordano’s Pizza so far you have all the necessary qualifications.

Giordano’s Pizza Job Positions and Duties

  • Giordano’s Pizza Assistant Manager Job Description

The Assistant Manager generally helps in supervising the operation of the dining area and assists in planning work schedules and assigning food service personnel duties. Other duties of the Assistant Manager include: assisting in training and supervising personnel in preparing meals, arranging foods, and serving customers; participation in the cooking and serving of food when pressure is much; coordinates cleaning of facilities and equipment; inspects dining rooms and equipment for cleanliness, etc. even though the Assistant Manager’s job is more administrative, knowledge of foods and their preparation and of the use and care of dishes, implements, and kitchen utensils is also very important.

Giordano’s Pizza Assistant Manager Salary: $38,000

  • Giordano’s Pizza Kitchen Manager Job Description

The Kitchen Manager at Giordano’s Pizza monitors workers participating in cooking and serving food in the outlet and also in maintaining cleanliness of food service areas and equipment. The Manager oftentimes trains workers in performance of duties as it concerns the kitchen. He/she also assigns and coordinates work of employees to promote efficiency of operations. Very importantly, the Manager supervises serving of meals and inspects kitchen and dining areas and kitchen utensils and equipment to ensure sanitary standards are upheld. He/she may also direct preparation of foods and beverages when necessary.

Giordano’s Pizza Kitchen Manager Salary: $32,000

  • Giordano’s Pizza Kitchen Assistant Job Description

The Kitchen Assistant generally participates in the serving of foods, cleaning facilities, and in preparing meals. The Assistant also assists cooks, bakers, and others in preparing and cooking foods and may also be required to do short order cooking when necessary. Considerable knowledge of the methods and practices of food preparation and service is required as well as some knowledge of hazards to health in food preparation and service and of necessary precautionary measures. Other important requirements include: some knowledge of the care and uses of food service equipment and kitchen utensils; ability to supervise employees in routine food service tasks in a manner conducive to full performance while maintaining morale; and the ability to work long hours while standing.

Giordano’s Pizza Kitchen Assistant Salary: $26,200

  • Giordano’s Pizza Delivery Worker Job Description

Giordano’s Pizza Delivery Worker job is a very significant and crucial one. Not only do they serve as a point of liaison between the food chain and the ultimate consumers, they also serve as salespeople on the move. Apart from driving the trucks or bikes, these set of workers are trained to have excellent customer service orientation. All in all, a large part of the sales made by Giordano’s Pizza food chain is done by these committed personnel. To clinch a job in this department, fluent English is very critical.

Giordano’s Pizza Delivery Worker Hourly Salary: $10

  • Giordano’s Pizza Customer Service Job Description

Giordano’s Pizza Customer Service official is generally responsible for taking orders from customers on the phone, helping to solve matters of dispute or discontent from customers and also serve in building a long-term relationship with customers. The Customer Service worker must have an eye for detail since many people seek their assistance at the same time, and must also be vast in the workings of the enterprise since he/she is always first approached for answers.

Giordano’s Pizza Customer Service Hourly Salary: $10

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