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GNC Job Description

GNC is short for General Nutrition Centers is an American-based commercial enterprise in the field of retailing health and nutrition products like vitamins, minerals, supplements, sports supplements, herbs, diet, weight management and energy-booster products. GNC has over 6,000 stores in the U.S. as well as locations in 49 other countries.

GNC Job Positions and Descriptions

  • GNC Sales Associate Job Description

As a Sales Associate, one is expected to keep the customers up to date of all promotions and advertisements. He or she assists in merchandising, housekeeping, and maintenance of displayed merchandise and floor moves. He or she also assists in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitors the floor stock. He or she also helps the customers in locating particular merchandise in the store.

GNC Sales Associate Job Hourly Salary: $7.53/hour

  • GNC Store Manager Job Description

As a store manager, he or she overlooks the sales and profits of the store. He or she also implements evaluations and improvement strategies for the employee performance. He or she is also the ones managing the revenue of the store which includes handling cash, delivery of deposits to the bank, and deposit reconciliation. And he or she is also responsible for preparation of work schedules.

GNC Store Manager Job Salary: $28,485

  • GNC Retail Manager Job Description

A Retail Manager is responsible for running a retail outlet. He or she is responsible for the setting goals and targeting them in a particular department or retail branch. He or she also analyzes sales figures and predicting future sales. He or she is also concerned about customer related issues and ensuring quality standards, customer service and health and safety handling of queries and complaints.

GNC Retail Manager Job Salary: $33,247

  • GNC Sales Promotions and Marketing Manager Job Description

A GNC Sales Promotions and Marketing Manager, one should be able to create and publicize marketing incentives to increase sales. He or she is responsible for planning advertising campaigns and designing promotional materials. Common promotions are contests, giveaways, coupons, samples, rewards and discounts. A Sales Promotions and Marketing Manager uses different media to advertise the promo.

GNC Sales Promotions and Marketing Manager Job Salary: $53,000

  • GNC Regional Loss Prevention Manager Job Description

A Regional Loss Prevention Manager implements loss prevention and shrinkage control programs to protect the company’s assets from loss due to internal or external theft. He or she analyzes information from reporting tools to determine Loss Prevention priorities of the assign area of control. He or she also completes audits to ensure overall operational compliance in assigned store. He or she should also communicate with field operations teams to provide data and feedback o overall progress of Loss Prevention initiatives of the covered region, area or department.

GNC Regional Loss Prevention Manager Job Salary: $68,628

  • GNC Cashier Job Description

A cashier receives and disburses cash in the store or establishments. He or she mans the counter and the cash register at all times. He or she should also have a good knowledge or willing to learn about electronic scanners, cash registers and alike. He or should also be capable of processing credit or debit card transactions and validation of checks.

GNC Cashier Job Hourly Salary: $7/hour

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