Gordon Biersch Brewery

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Gordon Biersch Brewery Job Description

Gordon Biersch Brewery is driven by its undying enthusiasm for exceptional food, beer, and people. They continue to strive to create an atmosphere of teamwork, hospitality, and high standards that is enjoyed by guests and employees alike. Gordon Biersch Brewery is as passionate about its employee as it is with protecting the brand name. Job seekers of various categories and with the right skills have a good opportunity to find good work with Gordon Biersch Brewery.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Job Positions and Duties

  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Chef Job Description

Gordon Biersch Brewery creates fine meals and great beer simultaneously; those fine meals are generally the handiwork of the Chef. The Chef organizes, and takes part in activities of cooks and other kitchen staff involved in preparing and cooking foods in the restaurant. The Chef is tasked with estimating food consumption, and requisitions or purchases foodstuffs. Also, the Chef receives and examines foodstuffs and supplies to guarantee quality and quantity meet established standards and specifications; he/she also picks out and formulates recipes based on type of food to be prepared and applying personal knowledge and experience in food preparation.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Chef Salary: $40,000

  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Line Cook Job Description

Apart from engaging in actual cooking, the Line Cook is expected to be able to operate standard cooking equipment such as mixing machines, steam cookers, toasters, food choppers, refrigerators, baking ovens, and stoves. He/she is also required to supervise and participate in the work of cleaning kitchens, refrigerators, and storerooms, and coordinates the work of food service workers too. He/she is also responsible for instructing and supervising workers assisting in the preparation of food and is oftentimes required to prepare a wide variety of meats, fowl, fish, and vegetables for lunch and dinner; May prepare breakfast dishes including eggs, bacon, and hot cereal.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Line Cook Salary: $34,000

  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Brewer Job Description

The Brewer at Gordon Biersch Brewery has his hands full as he has to brew the beer on demand and fresh every day. This entails mixing several kinds of ingredients into the brewer, setting the machine to the right temperature, and waiting till the beer comes out right. The Brewer is required to take charge of all the activities of the brewery room; this involves monitoring all staff in the room, passing out instructions and coordinating activities, liaison with the store keeper and the management staff, etc. Other duties might sometimes include cleaning the machines, sampling the opinions of customers on the taste of the beer and all other tasks as assigned to him.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Brewer Salary: $37,000

  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Server Job Description

The Server at Gordon Biersch Brewery has a very unique role as he/she aims to serve both foods to customers as well as beer sometimes. The Server might sometimes stand in place of the bartender in his/her absence, as such, adequate knowledge in that respect is required. Generally, the Server takes orders from customers and relate with the kitchen staff while in turn takes the meal to the customer. He/she is expected to wait on tables to supply the customers with their needs.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Server Hourly Salary: $8

  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Dishwasher Job Description

The Dishwasher is required to clean all table surfaces and sweep or mop floors when needed. His/her job is primarily to clean and sanitize slicing equipment after every use as well as clean and organize coolers and freezers. He/she is expected to be able to operate commercial dishwashers.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Dishwasher Hourly Salary: $7

Gordon Biersch Brewery Job Application Form Online

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