Government Accountability Office

by Publishing Team on March 9, 2011

Government Accountability Office Job Description

The Government Accountability Office also known as GAO is the audit, evaluation, and investigatory arm of the United States legislative assembly. The name of Government Accountability Office was changed in the year 2004 to better illustrate the disciple post of the agency. They are located in the civil law division of the United States government which is based in Washington, DC with approximately 3,000 employees. The Government Accountability Office was established as the General Accounting Office by the Budget and Accounting Act of the year 1921. The Government Accountability Office current mission content is that the agency exists to support the Congress in assembly its legitimate responsibilities and to help develop the performance and make sure that the accountability of the national administration for the benefit of the American people within the area they are serving.

Government Accountability Office Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Government Accountability Office Analyst Job Description

The Analyst primary works as part of a team conducting thorough research on the studies requested by committees, administrative body or individual members of the Congress or studies that Government Accountability Office has been mandated by the government to conduct. The nature of work in this position is demanding, time bounded, and important. Analysts must have strong practical and investigative skills and must excel in documenting the job they do. He or she also does writing on the outcome and findings, and presenting the work to peoples within the scope from their team members to members of Congress and their staff. The trademarks of this work covers four featured hallmarks’ namely accuracy, objectivity, and integrity. The Analyst will be managed directly by the senior analyst, but as he or she gain familiarity, regulation decreases until the supervisor requires only to evaluate the analyst’s effort to make sure that objectives have been met and Government Accountability Office policies have been followed.

Government Accountability Office Analyst Salary: $55,000

  • Government Accountability Office Senior Analyst Job Description

The duties and responsibilities of a Senior Analyst is that it provides analytic, engineering, and administrative support for the program committee. Responsible for coordinating, processing and obtaining appropriate approvals for tasks assigned to the board of directors. He or she also coordinates and prepares briefings, gathers information and provides skills expertise. It is also the responsibility of the Senior Analyst to support various working force.

Government Accountability Office Senior Analyst Salary: $82,333

  • Government Accountability Office Research Analyst Job Description

The Research Analyst is primarily responsible for analyzing, investigating and conducting studies about the the companies productivity through innovations and problem solving moves with thorough evaluation by the board. The Research Analyst is required to have a minimum one year of media experience and bachelor’s degree with focus in marketing, communications, political science, statistics, mathematics or accounting preferably. With previous experience in Programming or Sales Researching. The behaviors and skills which will make an employee successful in this position which includes attitude, strong analytical skills, creative and strategical thinking, problem solving and strong organizational skills.

Government Accountability Office Research Analyst Salary: $64,823

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