Great American Cookies

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Great American Cookies Job Description

Great American Cookies is one of America’s leading cookie restaurants. The success story of cannot be complete without mentioning the great efforts put in by its loyal and dedicated staff. Great American Cookies rewards its staff with handsome wages and bonuses. It also operates an enviable benefits scheme. To find work at Great American Cookies, hard work and skills are a must even though you will still go through on-hands training after you are hired.

Great American Cookies Job Positions and Duties

  • Great American Cookies General Manager Job Description

Great American Cookies General Manager is charged with designing, formulating, and enforcing policies, functions, and operational changes in the food chain. Other duties of the General Manager include: determining staff and supervisory requirements; coordinating training activities for all phases concerning the food chain; reviewing, analyzing, and making recommendations for Food Service’s budget; as well as preparing special reports, reviews and recommendations on the purchase of new equipment. His/ her job description is quite broad and encompassing, but all in all he/she takes charge of all aspects of the retail food chain. Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquires or complaint is very crucial.

Great American Cookies General Manager Salary: $57,000

  • Great American Cookies Assistant Manager Job Description

The Assistant Manager is expected to have knowledge of health hazards relating to food preparation and service and of effective precautionary measures as well as be able to plan, assign, and supervise the work of others. Assistant Manager’s duties include: assisting in supervising the operation of the dining area; assisting in planning work schedules and assigning food service personnel duties; assisting in training and supervising personnel in preparing meals, arranging foods, and serving customers. The Assistant Manager at Great American Cookies may sometimes be required to participate in the cooking and serving of food if necessary as well as supervising in cleaning of facilities and equipment.

Great American Cookies Assistant Manager Salary: $35,000

  • Great American Cookies Cashier Job Description

Everything that revolves around sales in the dining area, change, receipts, etc. is the exclusive preserve of the Cashier at Great American Cookies. His/her job requires the ability to pay attention to detail and be smart in counting and issuing change. The Cashier should always maintain sufficient amounts of change in cash drawer and balances cash drawer and receipts at the close of the shift. He/she may also be required to document discrepancies, train new cashiers, and assist customers in locating specific items. Skills in handling and counting cash and in communications with public are quite important.

Great American Cookies Cashier Hourly Salary: $10

  • Great American Cookies Shift Leader Job Description

The Shift Leader job is very crucial at Great American Cookies restaurants as he/she is responsible for quite a few important duties. Some of which are: planning shift schedule, work station assignments/rotations, employee training, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment, back-up for absent employees, and shift rotations. The Shift Leader also coordinates production startups, shutdowns, and changeovers, as well as liaises with Human Resources for appropriate staffing levels. One other major task of the Shift Supervisor is to make adjustments as necessary during shift to produce product within specifications.

Great American Cookies Shift Leader Hourly Salary: $12

  • Great American Cookies Customer Service Job Description

The Customer Support staff at Great American Cookies restaurants must possess general office communication and customer service skills and must be able to stand for extended periods of time. A good knowledge of short order food preparation, serving, and operation of short order lunch and dinner program is most essential. He/she must also have skills in dealing courteously with the general public and customers alike.

Great American Cookies Customer Service Hourly Salary: $10

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