Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
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Established: 1976
Employees: 1,200
HQ: Dillon, Montana
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Great Harvest Bread Co. Job Description

Great Harvest Bread Co. is a one stop shop for great bread products. Its teaming workers see to that. At Great Harvest Bread Co., hard work and loyalty is richly rewarded by good wages and great bonuses. Opportunities open from time to time for positions in the hourly job category and the managerial career positions. If you feel bread is your calling, follow the links below and apply for one of the job descriptions.

Great Harvest Bread Co. Job Positions and Duties

  • Great Harvest Bread Co. Bakery Manager Job Description

The Bakery Manager is saddled with the task of overseeing the general workings of the bakery and restaurant. From personnel recruitment, to purchases and training, the Manager is responsible. He/she employs capable hands to aid the smooth production of services, food, bread, and pastries in a timely and efficient manner. The Manager is responsible for reviewing inventory and requisitions and purchases food supplies as required by anticipated volume; makes direct special purchases; as well as assigns and trains personnel and determines work schedules. Interviews and recommends employees to be hired; resolves minor employee grievances, etc. Thorough knowledge of institutional or commercial food service management procedures and practices is highly essential.

Great Harvest Bread Co. Bakery Manager Salary: $54,000

  • Great Harvest Bread Co. Chief Baker Job Description

The Chief Baker position at Great Harvest Bread Co. is a very sensitive one as he is responsible for determining the amount of breads and pastries to be baked each day from the number of persons to be fed or from a production order. The Chief Baker also assigns tasks to junior bakers and bakery attendants as well as preparing records of ingredient consumption and pastry output. The Chief Baker must be proficient in operating baking equipment and machinery such as mixers, molders, scales, and ovens, etc. He can also sometimes service equipment, and report repair needs to higher authority. Sound knowledge of the methods and equipment used in baking and of health hazards in quantity baking and of effective precautionary measures is a must.

Great Harvest Bread Co. Chief Baker Salary: $45,000

  • Great Harvest Bread Co. Baker Job Description

The Bakers job primarily is to take instructions from the Chief Baker and see those instructions through. His duty majorly, is to bake bread and other pastries as may be demanded or ordered. He weighs and mixes ingredients; prepares dough and bakes rolls, cornbread, doughnuts, muffins, biscuits, pies, cakes, and cookies; prepares icings, and decorates cakes. The Baker must have the ability to adapt standard recipes as required by variations in quantities requested and the ability to maintain records of output, quantities of ingredients used, and supplies on hand. Also, the ability to work for long hours while standing and under conditions of high temperatures is non-negotiable.

Great Harvest Bread Co. Baker Hourly Salary: $12

  • Great Harvest Bread Co. Store Manager Job Description

The Store Manager is charged with keeping records of materials and supplies owned by Great Harvest Bread Co. in a manner that is easily interpreted by senior management staff. He/she receives supply and gives out supplies and materials to the bakery and other departments that may be in need of those supplies. The Store Manager must be smart and pay keen attention to detail to succeed at this job position.

Great Harvest Bread Co. Store Manager Hourly Salary: $12

  • Great Harvest Bread Co. Customer Support Job Description

Great Harvest Bread Co. Customer Support personnel must pay keen attention to happenings around him/her. This employee is the face of the organization and so must be well cultured and pleasing while on the phone or while attending to customers.

  • Great Harvest Bread Co. Customer Support Hourly Salary: $10

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