Green Mill Restaurant and Bar

by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Green Mill Restaurant and Bar Job Description

Green Mill Restaurant and bar is a restaurant which has been serving good and delicious food to the people of America since long ago. Its unique Deep Dish Pizza made this restaurant to open its franchise at different location across America. Green Mill Restaurant and Bar has now over 28 locations across the Midwest. The pizza offered here are the award winning pizzas and is the major attraction for the Americans, especially the youths. The entire team of employees at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar are like one family and they work together to achieve their main goal and that is to provide the customer with best food and best services.

Green Mill Restaurant and Bar Job Positions and Duties

  • Green Mill Restaurant and Bar Cashier Job Description

When you have finished dining at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar, the last person you will come across before leaving the restaurant premises is the cashier. The cashier will issue you the bill and will receive the payment. Not only that the cashier will always be ready to take your feedback and answer all the queries of the customer. The cashier has to have good accounting skill and must maintain proper records. Although a very high qualification is not required for a cashier’s job at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar, but he or she must have a high school diploma. He or she must also make herself updates with all the transaction inside the restaurant.

The hourly salary of the Cashier at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar is $9.50

  • Green Mill Restaurant and Bar Cook Job Description

The main person behind the success of Green Mill Restaurant and Bar is the cook. The cook has to be experienced and must know how and in which manner the food is cooked. The cook needs to be responsible and updated about all the happening in their kitchen. Besides cooking and cleaning, the head cook will be responsible to assign duties to other junior cook. The cook has to look after that all the ingredients and food materials are in stock in the kitchen and that there is no shortage of any item. He will act as the communication between the management and the kitchen. The quality and quantity of the food served is looked after by the cook.

The hourly salary of Cook at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar: $ 11.00

  • Green Mill Restaurant and Bar Store Manager Job Description

The store manager is entrusted with the duty to hire and train the required staff and moreover keep an eye on their functioning and activity. This manager works as a leader and decision maker. So in order to be a manger, the candidate must have leadership quality and decision making power. Sometimes the manager also gives training to the unskilled staff. He or she has to take care of the entire franchise and ensure that all the instruments and equipments are well arranged and kept in place. The supply of all the items of the franchise is to be dealt by the store manager. The records of all the supply and transaction of the store will be managed by the Store Manager.

The hourly salary of Store manager at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar: $ 12.50

  • Some Other Positions

Green Mill Restaurant and Bar also requires the maitre d’ who are commonly referred to as the host/hostess. They act as a host to the guest and take care of all the needs of the customer. They make the customer occupy a chair and look after their taste and choice of food and makes sure that the food served to them matches their requirement.

Green Mill Restaurant and Bar Job Application Online:

Log on to,com_facileforms/Itemid,622/ to apply for the job at any location of this restaurant. In this link you can also apply for any job profile depending upon your talent and capacity. This link will provide you all the required information you need in order to apply for a job.

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