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Hallmark Job Description

Known all over the world for its greeting cards, Hallmark, still has a lot to offer the public since it has a variety of products to sell. They believe that their products and services should be able to enrich the lives of its customers. With stores worldwide, Hallmark sees to it that not only the customers are satisfied with the services they get but also the employees themselves with the number of benefits the company has offered.

Hallmark Job Positions and Duties

  • Hallmark Store Manager Job Description

Store managers handle the operations of the store they move towards the goal of achieving or exceeding the sales plan of the store. He/ she must accomplish this by being able to motivate the sales team, provide coaching and guidance to the team, and help them execute and deliver superior service to the customers.

Hallmark Store Manager Salary: $39, 342

  • Hallmark Assistant Store Manager Job Description

An Assistant Store Manager works together with the Store Manager and assists him in achieving the stores sales plan. He/she also see to it that the team is able to execute and deliver superior service. And when the duty calls the Assistant Store Manager can perform the duties of a store manager in his/ her absence.

Hallmark Assistant Store Manager Hourly Salary: $12.15

  • Hallmark Territory Assistant Job Description

The Territory Assistant is responsible for the supervision of retail merchandiser in a specified location. He/ she is expected to establish with the Store personnel and management a good working relationship. The Territory Assistant can Modify, rearrange and add features to the retail store on his/ her assigned location based on his/ her expert opinion.

Hallmark Territory Assistant Hourly Salary: $13.93

  • Hallmark Retail Merchandiser Job Description

Retail Merchandisers render their service in a hallmark retail store. He/ she must be flexible and follow policies set by the retail store including the number of working hours and number of times in a week that you must come to work. The retail merchandiser is responsible to anticipate supply movement and place orders when necessary.

Hallmark Retail Merchandiser Hourly Salary: $8.56

  • Hallmark Sales Associate Job Description

The Sales Associate must be dedicated to provide quality service to the customers. He/ she must be capable of decision making, implement initiative and judgment as he/ she works towards a goal. He/ she must exceed expectations to make the sales increase.

Hallmark Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $8.07

Hallmark Job Application Form Online

For more details about hallmark visit their website at www.hallmark.com.
To view careers online, visit http://www.hallmark.com/online/careers/

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