Hat World Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 7, 2011

Hat World Inc. Job Description

Hat World, Inc. is US business consisting of three businesses: the LIDS retail headwear stores, the LIDS Locker Room field fan retail succession, and the LIDS Team Sports comprehensive team sports business. Hat World Inc. was established in 1995 at Indianapolis, India, United States of America.

Hat World Inc Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assistant Store Manager

The assistant store manager help the Store Manager in every retail store operations to take in selling of products and running store functions. This position drives sales by carrying outstanding customer service for each Operations P&P Manual. He or she greets customers in a proficient manner as outlined in the Operations P&P Manual. The assistant store manager assures store is hygienic and all displays are tidy and arranged for every Operations P&P Manual. The assistant store manager help in monitoring and calculating productivity objectives of store set out in company budgets and forecasts. He or she must tag on the entire appropriate return and reimbursement procedures per the Operations P&P Manual. This position carries out right documentation and record custody for every Operations P&P Manual. The assistant store manager practice all inbound products shipments, in-store cost changes and store-to-store or store-to-warehouse product relocations. The assistant store manager takes inventories and open and close the store as compulsory following the procedures for every Operations P&P Manual. This position help in instituting image orders required to preserve company standards of product plan and sales floor association. This position follows observance with recognized company policies, procedures and guidelines as well as, but not restricted to, protection of company record, funds and assets. This position also holds and sticks to all company policies, measures, and strategies. Other duties as assigned by higher positions.

Assistant Store Manager Salary: $8.75 per hour

  • District Sales Manager

District Sales Manager manages and runs the activities of store employees inside a specified geographic district. District Sales Manager makes sales by delivering excellent customer service per Operations P&P Manual. District Sales Manager execute and convey the DMIT Training Program to embrace acting as a trainer for the agenda and assessing aim achievement through finished assessments. This position coaches store employees on usual working procedures as well as State and Federal laws and policies. This position communicates constantly with store employees to assure understanding and conformity with usual working procedures. He or she acts as the connection among center of operations and the stores. He or she obtain proper actions to assure every store maximizes sales, minimizes quality loss, and conforms to budgetary supplies. District Sales Manager investigate store discrepancies and study reports, trends in the market. District Sales Manager acts in response to every store level issues and organizes cyclic sales reports screening sales volume, latent sales, and areas of future client base development. District Sales Manager must have a wide-ranging travel from store-to-store within a given geographic district. District Sales Manager must carry out job of subordinates as looked-for. District Sales Manager has got to be able to execute necessary functions of all store positions. He or she must hold up and stick to all company policies, procedures, and guidelines. This position must have the ability to preserve an admirable attendance record. Other duties as assigned by higher positions.

District Sales Manager Salary: $100,000.00

Hat World Inc. Job Application Form Online

Visit www.lids.com job opening page.

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