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Hershey Job Description

The Hershey Company is the largest and leading maker of chocolate, non -chocolate, and other chocolate related products not only in North America but also internationally. The company also leads in the production of gums and mint. Originating from Hershey Pennsylvania, the Hershey Company is globally acknowledge producing quality chocolate brands as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Hershey’s Kisses, Kit Kat, Twizzlers, and Ice Breaker. The Hershey Company seeks for the highest quality work force, providing employees with a suitable work environment, competitive total compensation and benefits, as well as an avenue for comprehensive employee development.

Hershey Job Positions and Duties

  • Hershey’s Retail Sales Representative Job Description

Initially as a Hershey retail sales representative a 12- 16 week training program will be undergone within the area, interacting with the customers. This training program will be given by the District Manager teaching the fundamentals of the retail sales experience. After the first year in the position a week long session in the Hershey Company headquarters in Pennsylvania will be attended, providing a chance to interact with other retail sales representatives from across the globe and senior leaders for a cultural experience that is geared towards developing selling and negotiating skills. A retail sales representative is expected to cross job functions, business segments, and geographical boundaries as experience is gained and as the career advances.

Hershey Retail Sales Representative Salary: $45, 073

  • Hershey’s Retail Sales Merchandiser Job Description

As a retail merchandiser, the main responsibility is to ensure the quality of the products and sell it. It is also expected of you to maintain a 100% distribution of all Hershey products authorized in your territory, communicate with various retailers to execute retail headquarter sales and merchandising plan, achieve merchandising goals, perform all administrative functions in assigned territory including making reports of daily activities, expenses, account changes, and as well as weekly activities.

Hershey Retail Sales Merchandiser Hourly Salary: $13.32

  • Hershey District Sales Manager Job Description

A district sales manager directly reports and works with the Regional sales manager to develop strategies that improves efficacy in operations and increases productivity. A district sales manager also sees to it that the district budget is sufficient and adequate. Also, he/she provides leadership to the sales team as well as recruits sales consultants and directs the sales administrator. He/ she also ensure that the company policy is being followed in all sales and leadership responsibilities.

Hershey District Sales Manager Salary: $68, 114

  • Hershey Category Development Manager -Target Job Description

Responsibilities of a category development manager- target for Hershey includes being a consultant for the sales management team, customer sales executive, and the customers themselves to maintain net sales and target growths. Analyzes data, explores trends and identifies customer opportunities that are consistent with the company’s overall strategy and brand marketing plans. He/ she will also help in making strategic business plans for Hershey and the customers.

Hershey Category Development Manager -Target Salary: $93,987

  • Hershey Category Development Manager Job Description

A category development manager acts as both internal and external consultants of CSE’s. He or she analyses data and shares insights with the use of materials and presentations that has great impact to CSE’s and customers. Category Development Manager’s efficiently uses the analytical tools provided for by the company. They function to develop and utilize management projects to achieve sales goals.

Hershey Category Development Manager Salary: $88,060

Hershey’s Job Application Form Online

For more information and facts about the company, you can visit their site, www.thehersheycompany.com.
And to access their database on different job positions you can apply for in their company, just click this link https://jobs-hersheys.icims.com/jobs/intro

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