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HMSHost Job Description

Founded by Van Noy Brothers in 1897, HMSHost is an 114 year-old airport food-service company and a subsidiary of Autogrill S.p.A, an Italian company. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, this company is well known to associate itself with 18 of the 20 largest airports in the United States. Burger King, Sbarro, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Edy’s Ice Cream are just few of its well-known asset franchises.

HMSHost Job Positions and Descriptions

  • HMSHost Assistant Manager Job Description

As an Assistant Manager, he or she is tasked to assist the senior Manager in carrying out administrative and leadership tasks in the store. He or she monitors the efficiency of store staff, and delegating assignments in the store. As the Manager’s assistant, he or she will be the immediate person to assist a particular activity or any trouble in the store. He or she assists in the implementation of the company policies and regulations, and submits essential reports to the manager for general evaluation.

HMSHost Assistant Manager Job Salary: $41,375

  • HMSHost Shift Supervisor Job Description

Shift Supervisor is a company professional responsible in the rotation of shift schedules that may include employee trainings, work station assignments, employee breaks, overtime assignments, employee vacations and back-ups for absentees. He or she schedules shift meetings, and meet production goals. He or she also is responsible in the quality control operations and does necessary adjustments as necessary per shifts in order to produce desired product specifications.

HMSHost Shift Supervisor Job Salary: $10.42/hour

  • HMSHost Retail Sales Associate Job Description

Retail Sales Associate is tasked to assist customers every time they enter the store premise. He or she first, courteously greets them, and asks the customers for any assistance they could offer. He or she may assist the customers with regards to the right product specification they desired.

HMSHost Retail Sales Associate Job Hourly Salary: $8/hour

  • HMSHost Bartender Job Description

Bartender is the one who mixes and serves both nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks to bar patrons. He or she follows standard recipes like mixing liquor, water, soda, bitters, sugar to serve cocktails and other drinks. He or she also serves wine or bottled beer, and collects payments for the drinks served.

HMSHost Bartender Job Hourly Salary: $10/hour

  • HMSHost Cashier Job Description

A Cashier is a store personnel who assesses customer’s payments. He or she courteously acknowledges customers as they approach the counter. He or she should be quick yet accurate processing payments.

HMSHost Cashier Job Hourly Salary: $8/hour

  • HMSHost Store Manager Job Description

Store Manager is responsible in the overall monitoring and general assessment of reports in the store. He or she manages the sales team of the store and makes sure a sales goal is hit. He or she also makes sure company policies and procedures are implemented properly. And he or she may also evaluate staff performance and activities.

HMSHost Store Manager Job Salary: $53,000

  • HMSHost Staff Accountant Job Description

Staff Accountant is a store staff tasked to monitor financial data in the store. He or she keeps track of the store’s cash flow. He or she prepares financial reports to be submitted to the managers for analyses and bases of decisions. He or she may also assess the amount of tax to be paid by the store. Overall, staff accountant is responsible in the overall money-flow in the store.

HMSHost Staff Accountant Job Salary: $50,000

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