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Houston’s Job Description

For some of the best ribs in Houston, this is the restaurant to be. With some of the best sauce, meat and vegetable recipes, you will not cease recommending the joint to more people. Houston’s is a combination of great ambience, great service aside from the mouthwatering recipes. With some of the best professionals in the market, Houston’s adds more to their résumé and make this one of the most desirable dining options.

Houston’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Houston’s Cashier Job Description

The cashier who works in Houston has to look the part. He has to be presentable and have excellent communication skills. This is because he is a representative of the restaurant when in front of the customers. The cashier has to know how to apply basic mathematics to all his work and make sure all the customers have the right change. The cashier has to keep records of debts and inform the management if there is a problem that needs to be sorted out with the cash register etc. he s required to be accurate with every cash record since he will be held responsible in the event of a problem.

Houston’s cashier’s salary: $13 per hour

  • Houston’s Cook Job Description

The cooks working for Houston’s are well trained and one has to show evidence of previous employment in his record. The cook is supposed to work as part of a team with the other cooks. The main work of a cook is to prepare meals but there are other duties that he has to perform, like making sure everything in the kitchen is clean and washing the dishes. The cooks work in shifts and it is their duty to make sure all the shifts have enough staff. Cooks have to make sure all the food is attractively served for the customers.

Houston’s cook’s salary: $12 to$13 per hour

  • Houston’s Shift Manager Job Description

Shift managers are some of the most highly paid persons in the restaurant industry. They are good at multitasking, and the working of the restaurant lies on them. They have to make sure all the sections are working well. In the event that new employees have been hired, the shift manager has to oversee their training and integration into the work place. The buck stops with the shift manager; he is the one who has to oversee any major decision change in the work place. he has to make sure the other shift managers have an easy time when their shifts start.

Houston’s shift manager’s salary: $15 to 17 per hour

  • Houston’s Store Manager Job Description

The management of the store rests on this manager. This manager has to make sure the store workers have arranged the store well and everything in need is in reach. The store clerks are trained and integrated with the help of the store manager. The store manager hires and fires store clerks and overlooks their duties. The store manager will go through the store records and determine the trends. With these records, the manager will determine if he needs to have new items in the store.

Houston’s store manager’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Management positions are in their tens and so are other crew jobs, like waitressing. All jobs require one to have sufficient experience and skills. All require a person to have powerful references as well.

Houston’s Job Application Form Online

For those who want to have more information about this restaurant and its jobs, the email address to send applications and queries is [email protected]

[email protected] is an alternate address to send your application.

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