Huntington National Bank

Huntington National Bank
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Established: 1866
Employees: 11,000
HQ: Columbus, Ohio
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Huntington National Bank Job Descriptions

Huntington National Bank invites interested candidates to join a world class organization that values individuals as it encourages teamwork. At Huntington National Bank, commitment, dedication, and achievement is generously rewarded with a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and life care. Huntington National Bank provides tools and resources for professional and personal development based on Huntington’s vision and core values. An equal opportunity employer with no discrimination in terms of race, color, or gender, the bank has a long and good history as it relates to employee-management relationship.

Huntington National Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • Huntington National Bank Manager of Savings and Investment Job Description

Managers of saving and investment at Huntington National Bank are responsible for establishing and maintaining third party investments in order to increase overall banking profits. These professionals must carefully research funds and markets before investing any portion of a facility’s funds. Due to the amount of money professionals often work with, they must carefully invest funds and guard against any potential losses.

Huntington National Bank Manager of Savings and Investment Salary: $78,000

  • Huntington National Bank Account Manager Job Description

Huntington National Bank Account Manager is responsible for a varying number of duties; the manager assists businesses and individuals with the maintenance of all accounts and resources. These associates will also maintain substantial documentation for all activities and may monitor bill paying, fund transfers, and account balance information.

Huntington National Bank Account Manager Salary: $62,000

  • Huntington National Bank Sales/Customer Service Officer Job Description

Banking facilities often offer many services to clients, so Sales/Customer Service officers at Huntington National Bank are employed to ensure the public is aware of all aspects of the banking facility. Sales and customer service professionals meet with clients, suggest possible services to assist their clients, answer questions, and handle all preparations for customers to begin receiving services. Wonderful people skills are necessary for success in these positions.

Huntington National Bank Sales/Customer Service Officer Salary: $40,000

  • Huntington National Bank Loan Officer Job Description

To increase the amount of transactions through their facility, Huntington National Bank Loan Officers assist individuals seeking loans, and act as a liaison to creditors and borrowers. Originators aid clients when applying for loans, as well as ensure that the necessary information is provided to both the creditor and the borrower. These professionals must be able to advise clients experiencing difficulties receiving loans, in addition to suggesting the best possible options for each client.

Huntington National Bank Loan Officer Salary: $40,000

  • Huntington National Bank Chargeback Specialist Job Description

Huntington National Bank Chargeback Specialists most commonly involve in reversing charges from fraudulent or unacceptable charges. Chargeback specialists correspond between cardholders, businesses, or other individuals to ensure proper procedures and actions are completed. They delegate the charges that are to be reversed, and often times additional fees are included to the individual charged.

Huntington National Bank Chargeback Specialist Salary: $42,000

  • Huntington National Bank Secretary Job Description

The Secretary at Huntington National Bank is responsible for performing a variety of routine clerical duties including, but not limited to: receiving and distributing mail and correspondence; gathering data and compiling various reports for management; photocopying materials; maintaining files; ordering supplies; answering the telephone and determining appropriate direction for business inquiries; issuing correspondence; promoting business for the Bank by maintaining good customer relations; and referring customers to appropriate staff for new services.

Huntington National Bank Secretary Salary: $30,000

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