ID Wholesaler

by Publishing Team on January 7, 2011

ID Wholesaler Job Description

ID Wholesaler is the main seller of photo ID card printers, photo ID systems, card printer ribbons and supplies, photo ID badges software, ID cards, ID cameras and ID badges accessories. We tender the majority of general line of ID card printer materials as well as badge accessories for wearing or showing ID cards. In addition to enduring internal preparation, both our sales and technical support teams obtain industrial unit training too. ID Wholesaler is headquartered in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area since 2004.

ID Wholesaler Duties and Responsibilities

  • Account Representative

The Account Representative will create outbound calls to leads and customers; respond to inbound phone, chat, and email questions from leads and customers; formulate product proposals based on product awareness and evaluation of customer needs; speak present promotions or unique offers; and demonstrate, endorse, and vend technical products.

Account Representative Salary: $40,000.00

  • Buyer

The Buyer does complicated and sole purchasing dealings according to state and federal statutes, policies; inspects and evaluates departmental purchase demands for entirety and correctness of information; recognizes and chooses seller to obtain demanded merchandise, gathering criteria such as cost, amount, value and release date and places orders; sees requesting departments’ needs and builds and filters stipulations for merchandise, supplies or equipment; discusses with sales representatives to expand innovative sources of technical supplies, protecting positive terms; renews records and files and locks samples, descriptions, shots or information for departments; construes and converses purchasing procedures to departments; helps departments in starting requests and orders, and answers problems with orders; and resolutions purchasing troubles between department and seller.

Buyer Salary: $40,000.00

  • Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides administration of organizational detail; organize work course; renew and pursue allotted errands to guarantee development to deadlines; acquire initiative in manager’s nonappearance and maintain projects on schedule; keep procedures instruction booklet to make sure of steady performance of practices; write mail or reports for own or manager’s signature and assemble necessary mail in main concern action order for boss; ensure deadlines on inward requests and set opening work in play; process response on own initiative or from bosses’ transcription or notes; study, outline or conceptualize reports; handle the entire questions within facility; organize “callbacks” to guard boss’s time and supply support resources for callbacks; path calls to a different place and perform phone surveys or inquiries as looked-for; keep calendar and determine which events calls for boss’s attendance; secure obligations to make the most of boss’s time effectiveness; permit decision or counter time; when boss is in conference, plan program ahead of time and organize meeting services; operate as recording secretary and arrange action minutes; execute to get boss’s complete assurance; guarantee careful management of the entire business; monitor to control disruptions and offer support data as required; and organize travel in the course of internal or outside representatives.

Administrative Assistant Salary: $40,000.00

ID Wholesaler Job Application Form Online

Email resume with cover letter to ID Wholesaler’s company homepage.

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