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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Il Fornaio Job Description

One of the most successful Italian retail food stores around is Il Fornaio. It has achieved this status on the back of the numerous, hardworking, and dedicated staff in its employ, over the years, Il Fornaio has made it a general policy to employ only the best and capable hands available. With great incentives and bonuses, Il Fornaio is the ideal place to work and earn a living. Opportunities are open for management career positions and hourly entry level positions.

Il Fornaio Job Positions and Duties

  • Il Fornaio Retail Supervisor Job Description

The Supervisor’s job generally is to monitor and coordinate employees participating in serving food in the outlet, and in maintaining cleanliness of food service areas and equipment. He/she is also saddled with the task of training workers in performance of duties; assigns and coordinates work of employees to promote efficiency of operations; supervises serving of meals. Visits and scrutinizes kitchen and dining areas and kitchen utensils and equipment to guarantee sanitary standards are up to date. The Supervisor can sometimes be required to prepare work schedules and evaluate work performance of employees.

II Fornaio Retail Supervisor Salary: $50,000

  • II Fornaio Food Server Job Description

II Fornaio Food Server engages on a daily basis in the wiping of table tops and chairs, replacing dirty table cloths and sets tables with silverware and glassware. Other duties assigned to the Food Server include: guaranteeing the supply of clean linens, silverware, glassware, and dishes in dining room; supplies service bar with food, for example soups, salads, and desserts; serves ice water and butter to patrons; cleans and polishes glass shelves and doors of service bars and equipment, for example coffee urns and cream and milk dispensers. He/ she may sometimes be required to make coffee and fills fruit juice dispensers and oftentimes may also be required to sweep and mop floors.

II Fornaio Food Server Hourly Salary: $9

  • II Fornaio Door Keeper Job Description

The Door Keeper position can only be filled by a very security conscious fellow. Some of the duties assigned to the Door Keeper at II Fornaio includes, opening doors, hailing taxicabs, answering inquiries, assisting elderly or weakly persons into vehicles, and performing related services. A very important aspect of the job of Door Keeping is to forestall admittance of unauthorized or undesirable persons and is empowered to forcibly eject unwanted or rowdy persons from the outlet.

i>II Fornaio Door Keeper Hourly Salary: $9

  • II Fornaio Host/Hostess Job Description

The Host/Hostess seats dining room patrons and instructs new personnel in work routines, assigns work areas; checks attendance and reports employees’ time. The Host/Hostess at II Fornaio may sometimes be required to operate a cash register and keep records and turns in cash receipts. Typically, the duties of the Host/Hostess is to supervise and participate in setting tables, cleaning and polishing silverware, and cleaning and maintaining dining room equipment. Some knowledge of the methods, materials, and practices of food service and production is important too. Also crucial is the ability to establish and maintain congenial relationships with the dining area customers.

i>II Fornaio Host/Hostess Hourly Salary: $9

  • II Fornaio Dishwasher Job Description

It is very important for the Dishwasher to have knowledge in operating commercial dishwasher. His/her job is to wash all dishes, utensils, knives and containers. Also, ability to operate, meat slicer, buffalo chopper, mixer, and electric knives and handling knives and other sharp items in a safe manner are also necessary. The most important fact of this job position is to remember to keep everything sparkling clean and hygienically safe.

i>II Fornaio Dishwasher Hourly Salary: $7

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