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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Imo’s Pizza Job Description

The more than 90 stores branded as Imo’s Pizza started as a single store. It was started by a couple in 1964 and after opening 30 of them, they decided to franchise the chain. Theirs is a story of determination, since they did not have the skills or experience when they first opened the store. After some time however, they were able to learn and filled a niche in the market. They were also able to diversify and increase the number of items on their menus aside from settling for only the most qualified professionals for their staff. This has brought a lot of success to the brand and with the interesting recipes and well known pizzas; it is an immense attraction to food lovers and franchisees alike. As for the potential employees, here are some of the things you need to know about employment at

Imo’s Pizza Job Positions and Duties

  • Imo’s Pizza Cashier Job Description

The cashier is the image of the restaurant and has to look the part. He has to greet the customers with a smile to be approachable. He has to have the knowledge of mathematics for quick calculation and accuracy. This calls for a person who has the confidence of working under tight schedules. The cashier has to account for all the sales made in the day and keep records of them for references. The cashier has to exercise PR skills when interacting with the costumers and has to make sure the shifts are well transitioned.

Imo’s Pizza cashier’s salary: $7 per hour

  • Imo’s Pizza Cook Job Description

No one will survive employment at Imo’s Pizza if he does not cook pizza well. One has to indicate his ability and experience to cook in the CV and cover letter. One has to make sure the kitchen is clean. Working hard and fast is part of the job description of the cook. The cook has to report any breakages and damages to the management so that they are repaired and the kitchen is functioning normally.

Imo’s Pizza cook’s salary $7.8 per hour

  • Imo’s Pizza Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager works under immense pressure and has the duty to make sure everything is in order and timely. He will make sure the kitchen staff has prepared the foods in time and if not, head cook will have to explain. If there reason for is the lack of staff, he will employ some new ones. He has to make quick decisions to save the day, so they do not record a loss in the restaurant. The manager has to ensure all the needed items are supplied in time, and will liaise with the store manager. He has to lead by example all the time.

Imo’s Pizza shift manager’s salary: $17 to 19per hour

  • Imo’s Pizza Store Manager Job Description

Similar to many others of its kind, the store management job at Imo’s Pizza pays according to the skills and experience in management. The store manager has to make sure the supplies are up to date. He is the one who has the final word on who takes what from the stores. He will keep the records of the stock items that come in and what is taken from there. The suppliers are contacted by the store manager and he will observe the trend of stock use and make sure everything is checked.

Imo’s Pizza store manager’s salary: $12 to 14 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Imo’s Pizza Job Application Form Online

You can place your queries about jobs in Imo’s Pizza on the contacts page of the website
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