Internal Revenue Service

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Internal Revenue Service Job Description

The Internal Revenue Service which is also known as IRS is the taxation service of the United States national government. The agency is an office of the Department of the Treasury which is under the direct probation of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The Internal Revenue Service is responsible for collecting taxes, representation and enforcement of the IRC or the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Service has its main offices in Washington, DC area and in Maryland where computer transactions are based. It currently operates ten service centers around the nation. The Internal Revenue Service also operates three computer centers in various locations around the country.

Internal Revenue Service Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Internal Revenue Service Tax Examiner Job Description

The Tax examiner is given the responsibility to make sure that the government, state and local governments paid the revenues they are due by citizens and businesses. His or her primary responsibility is to analyze claims for accuracy for the individual to be granted a refund. The Tax examiners are responsible for conducting audits, reviewing tax returns and collecting payments. The Tax examiner’s duties also include reviewing tax returns to ensure accuracy, determining permissible deductions and reporting any adjustments. Examiners notify taxpayers of any discrepancies and work with them to make corrections.

Internal Revenue Service Tax Examiner Salary: $60,443

  • Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Officer Job Description

A Tax Compliance Officer is responsible for conducting investigations and examinations of taxpayers to determine government tax obligation. In order to become a tax compliance officer, certain qualifications and requirements must be met. College education, passing IRS assessments, background checks, and procedure enhancement are some of these requirements. Must able to meet education requirements in accounting. It is a must that all Tax Compliance Officer applicants must possess knowledge of the Principles of Accounting and related to the said area. In addition to this, a tax Compliance Officer must had able to practice this by having completed a minimum of six college approved hours of accounting. As an alternative, the applicant can take and pass an administered accounting assessment.

Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Officer Salary: $49,469

  • Internal Revenue Service Customer Service Representative Job Description

The Customer Service Representative primarily given the responsibility to handle incoming calls from the company’s customers, as well as finding answers and solutions to their specific questions and clarifications. Being a Customer Service Representative, he or she will be and is expected to handle customer complaints, answer specific questions about your company’s products and services. And most importantly, connect and refer them with the proper resources and assets if ever the Customer Service Representative is unable to find a specific solution for the customers. He or she must have the ability to convince while establishing a good communication and connection with the customers. Thus, hospitality, good interpersonal skills , right conduct, mental ability and attitude is needed in this kind of position in any areas of the company.

Internal Revenue Service Customer Service Representative Hourly Salary: $18.28/hr

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